Everyone has a Conscience

Arcadian and Greek morals and principles of Consideration, Manners and Respect. The ancient Greeks knew of a study called the Psyche before there was psychology and they observed something called a conscience. It is referenced in the bible as Pontius Pilate and many incantations and examples of this are in mythology, religion and folklore.



We all have that soul mate, that kindred spirit and partner of mind, body and heart. We are all one of a pair. We are all part of something called a pairing. It is someone who you probably don’t know about and lives nowhere near and you are unlikely just to bashing into them at the local club or dating site. It is called your Conscience.


We can talk with it inside our mind and begin a conversation with it. We can then ask it for a name and you should address that voice, otherwise known as your conscience as a person and if it gives you a name then you ought to begin finding out likes, dislikes and build a relationship with that person and be careful not to freak it out. Take your time and treat it like you would an everyday conversation because the only difference is that it is your mind instead of a phone or a website.


If you want to know how this works, it is one is a source and the other is a guardian of it. Not to be old fashioned or traditional about it but the Hindus know of this as the chakras, buddha as the ascension and oneness which is about being at one with your conscience which is alive, real person because if one dies, so does the other. You interlock with that person and compliment that personality’s attributes. pontius-pilate.jpg

This can also be termed as Twin Flames, we can mirror with our Conscience and when it works in harmony together it is also known as a symphony. It can have healing properties. It can also help lower the effects of hepatitis regardless. It is the reason that the planet’s population are not in the pairs and therefore there is an epidemic of STI’s (Sexual Transmitted Infections). We need to be in touch with our conscience and find one another and together, hopefully we can all become fulfilled human beings and truly know peace on earth.


I already know of mind and have for my entire life. When this happens you really ought not to be separated but I am from mind because I don’t like him that much. When it goes wrong, it really goes wrong and my own is just selfish and idiotic. I cannot stand the way he has treated me and those around him and he himself think they know more about this but when they need telling a billion times and termed in the simplest way, and have the nerve to think that I am insane.


I have always been a sensitive medium and though I don’t tell people about it as it has scared the living crap out of me, my soul mate is supposed to protect me from this but fails to even have a conversation with me, due to him wanting to believe and have something to blame all his misdemeanours on, which I seem to have been blamed for a lot. It is disgusting, as I can feel, sense and have an awareness of his disgusting sexual habits with other people and because we have both known about it for my entire life, we are more sensitive to each other’s activities on a day to day basis.


Here are some video links to show you what science thinks of this concept:


As Always, My Darklings, Take Care


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