The Ancient Ones as a Movie?


If The Ancient Ones was to be made into a movie, I would want a film that was evocative of all the senses. A cinematic panorama of colour, scent, sounds and touch/texture. The genre of Fantasy has a wide kaleidoscope for igniting the mental, physical and emotions. Imagine arcades that were geared up towards people with sensory processing problems like myself. Those who don’t have an issue with it can just enjoy it, but they too seek to benefit from it as it is a therapy of the mind.

The Ancient Ones 3D Promo

The Ancient Ones
Will they rise again to win the battle?
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Who would I have directing, the film? Johnny Depp of course! I have watched his movies since Nightmare on Elm Street. I like the horror and dark fantasy of Tim Burton but for The Ancient Ones, it would take someone who likes the Alfred Hitchcock horror, the dark fantasy/final fantasy aesthetic.


Who would star in the movie? I would like David Boreanaz for Belenos,  Alyssa Milano  Lilitu, Kit Harington as the priest, Rose Leslie as Kirsten, Jason Momoa as Cernunnos and Johnny Depp as the professor although I am sure he would choose someone else, maybe hand it to Kit or Orlando Bloom, the rest would be for talks or another blog article.


The Graphic that Square Enix that do Final Fantasy and the talent of makeup artists, and prop makers including landscapes as well as aesthetics, we could have those lush and colour characters and landscapes mixed with the darkness and suspended imminent threat of the Professor and his Granddaughter’s death during the pages of The Ancient Ones. My Mood boards when writing the book had many images and I enjoyed putting those together and now I spend a lot of time thinking of how it would look as a movie.

As someone who has Sensory Processing Disorder, the idea of making this into a sensory film where the viewer can step into the film and look around, have the scent of a woodland or a view of being in a cave looking a dragon in the eye. I know funding would be vast but those who want to enhance the cinema experience and get people going to the theatre, or the actual cinema then sensory experiences are a must evolution of the film, book and music industries. Creative Industries need to change and get people paying for art. Imagine the sounds of footsteps direct to your eat, the smell of sun-heated dusty floorboards as the Professor carefully ventures toward the cellar door. Picture in your mind’s eye being surrounded by the film itself.

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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