Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

In today’s media beauty is as fake as the people reporting and judging it. We look at certain celebrities and judge them in their airbrushed, cosmetically altered images, along with the interview about their so-called lives which is as fake as the image you are judging.


We are thankfully seeing more body types in the media, in films, in tv and advertising. Yet, we are still seeing adverts for cosmetic surgery as well as tv shows about these procedures. There is nothing I find less attractive or invasives on the self-esteem of society. I alter my images for a certain aesthetic because I write erotica, horror and fantasy. Depending on which genre of book I am promoting is depending on which image I use.


Altered images in the world of celebrity aren’t healthy as people who buy tabloid gossip magazines and watch reality tv are sucked into trying to achieve these styles and looks or this turns in infatuation and awe over-edited and skewered reality tv shows and documentary soaps or edited airbrushed images with bullshit interviews due to it being an agent actually giving the interview and usually not the celebrity themselves.


On my media, I aim to promote my books, first and foremost and also my blog’s content. I want my followers and audience to be healthy emotionally, mentally and physically. To do this I have a level of transparency that doesn’t comprising my privacy but doesn’t give my audience a false idea of me as a human being doing a job in the entertainment industry and needing to be image aware and yet remain untainted by other peoples and media expectation.


I do NOT have an agent of any sort and do all my own images, my own blog, editing and books. I do hire cover artist, graphic designers and my book publishers Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly pay for the editor and cover artist if need be. I pay for the rest of it on a tiny budget and I make up for the lack of cash by doing all the work myself and even if I did get an agent, I would still do most of the work and networking. I wouldn’t let that agent make it about the image as that is tabloid trash and I am far from that, I do not condone that sign your name here, smile that’s right you’re a star kind of deal and most celebrities these days fall into merchandise of sell any old crap rather than what that celeb is actually known for and the reason for this is societies image and self-esteem hang-ups, perpetuated by capitalism.


Here on my blog, there are healthy recipes, sensory ideas and books. All of which promote health mentally, physically and emotionally. Things I suffer with are other people and society. I don’t have self-esteem problems and would never have cosmetic surgery and I hate peer pressure and never want to deal with those who are gossip mongers and easy custom for the statistics industry and are just good breeders into the workforce and good little mindless consumers, brainwashed into the world of celebrity and see it as fact rather than a smoking mirror of illusion and bullshit.




As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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