Recipe – Chicken Goujons


Toasted Tiger Bread and Broken into Crumbs

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Dried Parsley

Egg, Flour and Crumb Mixture

Coat Strips of chicken

Shallow fry the chicken in olive oil and then leave to cool. Oven Bake using oil spray on the oven tray.

For the salad, tomatoes, rocket, red onions, potatoes, boiled egg. Coat the salad in a whole grain mustard mayonnaise.

Mustards are a good diet addon, as they promote healthy brown cells as do most hot/spicy ingredients. Spicy ingredients are diuretic and can be used to lose weight. These spices, veg and herbs are anti-oxidants. Many of my recipes contain these superfoods.


Foods that invoke all the senses of the mental, physical and emotions as well as different environments, music and people can make the eating experience different. Try the same dish in different atmospheres. Such as eating the same dish to different tempos of music, genre or style. Sound and taste go hand in hand as does sense of smell. These areas of the body are connected and even though they are all in the head area of the body, they have an effect on the rest of the nervous system.

As Always, My Darklings Take Care



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