Can’t, Won’t, Don’t!

It has been a few weeks since I last blogged. The reason being is that I have gone back into education and I am doing a degree at Blackburn University in Social Science. This includes psychology, politics, sociology and social science itself.


I have been getting used to a new routine, registering for my student finance and all the other forms that were needed. This all took priority as I am at a stage where a big change is needed, so I am doing so. It has been hard, terrifying and very full on with an injection of so much information. I could have turned away so many times, however, I want the end game and I want that degree. “I can’t, won’t and don’t” isn’t an option.

Author Nicolajayne Taylor

In this subject it allows me to change my interest in these subjects into a discipline and a focus. It will allow me to do more with my book career as an author and for me to grow as a person. My tutors are really understanding about my health problems and I am getting a lot of support from them. I can’t, I won’t and I don’t is becoming less of mantra with every week that passes.

I am enjoying every moment, including the areas that are still a struggle, it isn’t always going to be a struggle and knowing it is temporary makes it a little easier.

The books are doing okay and I haven’t been promoting as much due to the new routine. Queen of the Druids is coming along nicely and I am looking forward to writing the next part of the story as even I want to know what happens next. I never know until I begin writing. I am putting together a short for my Patreon page and I hope you all like dirty, as Cult of Desires is just that. The link to the page is in the link section but just click Patreon here (link) and it will take you there. Sponsoring me will help me to produce more blog posts, short stories for those who contribute and allow me to present more content across all my media.

I hope this inspires you all to change your life instead of saying, “I can’t, I won’t, I don’t.” Start saying, “I can, I will, I do and I am going to make it.” You will get scared and you will want to return to the comfort of what you know and have right now but the further away you get from where you are now, you will be thankful that you were kind enough to yourself to make that change.

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