Recipe – Greek Seasoned Pork Chop with Noodles





Chilli Seeds

Tomato Puree

Small Onion


Sugar Snaps

Small Red Onion

Sliced Carrot

Red Pepper

When cooking I tend to cook Greek food by nature. I follow my instincts and mix a  souvlaki spices mix and add salt and pepper as I go. I always fill a kettle and put it to boil as I get the oven warming up, usually all my recipes if using an oven is on gas mark 6. I use a range of fresh and frozen ingredients and never to very rarely plan my dishes in advance. I marinate any meats or fish for half an hour to an hour.

Most of these recipes you can find the images on my Facebook or Instagram. I cook Mediterranean foods more than others for the time-saving aspects and the variety of dishes using similar spice mixes and herbs. I use the meat juices as dressing for veg and salads.

Most of my recipes are of healthy eat routine and all are low in fat content. The Philosophy, ‘everything in moderation’ it has been my ethos for years. A combination of veg and meats/fish. I chose a carb such as pasta, potatoes, rice or couscous. 

As always, Take Care my Darklings



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