Social Science – Emile Durkheim

Emile Durkheim was a French 19th century sociologist who focused on what modern capitalism does to our minds – and concluded that it might, quite literally, be driving us to an early grave. 



Positive Philosophy Emile Durkheim

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Lessen by Christine Scarince:

  • ‘An approach to the study of the society that relies specifically on scientific evidence, such as experiments and statistics, to reveal the true nature of how society operates.’


Emile Durkheim was a French sociologist in 1917. He developed the discipline of sociology tying in Karl Marx and Max Weber. 

Our society in the UK in a secular one and Emile Durkheim observed this in the shift from traditional and religious parts and era no longer being, mainstream with the uprising of social standards like education, health care and technology/science. 

Durkheim looked more at the structure with all of these parts in place and became the pioneer of sociology as a science. 

He focused on studying social facts surrounding tradition and modernity and their function. Durkheim postulated the norms, structures and values of society, a new perspective within his field, to look at the external rather than the internals of the natural world.


In his view, the Collective Consciousness and Rules were necessary for a functional society. Society is a whole, it is interrogational parts like the mechanisms of a clock that are all needed to uphold and ensure it keeps revolving, evolving and growing together. This sociologist also thought that even the dysfunctional areas of society such as crime were an important part of the intricate balance of the network of society to help keep it evolving, learning from the parts that didn’t run correctly and thus creating a new area of society to fix the issue of the broken system. He thought modern society was becoming an equilibrium community. This means finding new ways in which to keep establishments functioning, growing and adapting to new members or groups within the collective consciousness. 


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