Recipe – Chicken Broth

Chicken Broth

Soups, stews and broths are very healthy eating options, especially during autumn and winter. Cooking all the ingredients in the same pan, you won’t lose all the benefits that veg and meats, with herbs, does for our bodies.

Whole Chicken Boiled and stripped of its meat.

Save the water the chicken is boiled in and add carrot, potato, onion, barley and season with salt & white pepper. Add the chicken back into the stewed veg when soft. Add bouquet garni, add extra herbs of Parsley and Thyme.


Take a masher and mash up the ingredients once cooled and then warm up again when you want to eat, add some bread such as tiger bread or whole grain. Here I am just using plain white bread.


I tend to cook seasonally when it comes to my recipes and go with what is good for the body, when in autumn and winter we need lots of vitamins and minerals, using root veg and boiling those ingredients into stews, soups and broths. Exchanging your dietary recipes according to season will enhance your cooking experience but also benefit the body and mind.


I would also recommend larger, beers and ciders to go with soups, stews and broths. Personally, I chose Corona

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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