Rosa-Lee Satan who is also Nicolajayne Taylor


To my Dad, Seb Sergi Satan. Here is a message to you and my paternal family. As it is 2020, I had a terrible or terraiple year last year as I went on a memory walk from hell and discovered a lot of memories that I had sadly forgotten. I realised that I have been lied to, my entire life.


Born with two names, Rosa-Lee Satan as well as Nicolajayne Taylor, a Greek Cypriot Princess, I remember you reading Princess and the Pea to me, my cygnet ring and christening bracelet. My parental gaurdians lost most of my documentation, however, I think a few childhood images should jog a few memories for you and the rest of my family.




I still have a lot of memories to find, sadly I have missed my dad’s input in my life and it is the most important thing for me to find my dad. It is family, history, heritage and more of a priority to discover that side to me and my family I have sought after for my entire life. Enjoy the images Dad.


My Step Mother Toni Taylor and the one beneath is my nan Brenda Taylor. Back when we lived in Blackburn in Feniscowls, St Martins Drive or something like that! I cannot remember. I remember living in Riston, unfortunately, and only have one or two images in my mind of my dad. I feel robbed from my mother’s side of the family and trouble makers on all accounts. Now, I am searching for that part of my life and me that others would rather I forget. Like my marriage to Peter James Andrea. I don’t have any photos of that but one thing I do know that we were married in the 1980s as one of a pairing and duty so that when we were both adults, we would be together as man and wife, bringing family together.





And Now, Me as I am for my books and my blog as an adult. Hope you are proud, Dad and family. Much love, Rosa-Leah Satan aka Nicolajayne Taylor


Nicolajayne Taylor Logo Final

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