My Interest in Science

As someone who is creative yet analytical, I have a vast amount of interest and science is one of them.


The Quantum World of Physics and the Mind is intriguing to me along with history and the paranormal but I prefer the mind aspects of paranormal experiences rather than the babble of popular film, books and tv.


I began with psychology and rather Jung than Freud any day of the week. Jung was way ahead of his time and I will post a seminar I was due to do while doing my degree in Social Science. I will publish an article on this at some point.

Sociology is fascinating to me as I take an interest in politics and the effect media has on culture. All this adds to me as an International Bestselling Author of Horror, Fantasy and with a siding of erotica. I write the genres I do because there are no hard and fast rules to the supernatural and paranormal fantasy worlds within my books.


It is a labyrinth of the mind, culture and quantum world of I wonder if? However to answer that I watch TED Lectures, Conspiracy Theories on YouTube and also read a vast amount of work in textbooks on conventional theories and I ask why are conventional theories accepted when other theories are thrown out and classed as Conspiracy when the latter go out of their way to run experiments and gather vasts amount of evidence that go ignored due to it not being funded by a university or a large investment for marketing from business people or those who have the money to have textbooks printed and testing work by others ie the founding fathers of science rather than come up with new theories of their own because it goes against universities and would be too expensive to rewrite the textbooks.


Mavericks in science have always been ridiculed and cast out but stand out for having a unique voice and say stuff that nobody wants to hear because it goes against the grain. I for one don’t conform to peer pressure or popular culture and media. Why can’t newspapers concentrate on science developments rather than celebrity bullshit?

The ecosystem that is our planet isn’t understood by the general populous and the media want to be paid by advertisers, smut and old news stories or tarnish the most vulnerable of society rather than report on real stories such as the environment and its decline due to consumerism. Social Science should be taught as part of the National Curriculum, in the UK and globally, it should be a must.

In this section, I will post various articles relating to the sciences.

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care


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