Women in Horror Month


In an age when society is moving in the direction of equality, we are celebrating Women in Horror Month which is all of February. I began and still write horror and it all began with The Curse of Mary. I love that no matter what gender you identify with, we celebrate reading and the next generation acquiring a taste for books and open a whole world of imagination and their lives become learned. Click here for my books overview https://enjaytaylor.wordpress.com/my-books/


I began reading Graham Masterton and Barbara Erskine. Erskine always has a very strong female protagonist and Masterton male. My book Berlin War is aimed at Fem-Nazi-Splatter Goth and the main protagonist was male and the detective was female. All I did was change their names and certain characteristics and bingo, role reversal. The great thing about reading a book, no matter what the genre, no matter what the subject or gender you can be the main character in the safety of your own world or seat while enjoying the exploits of your favourite characters by your favourite authors.


The Seduction of Horror which is a group and page on Facebook and now Affiliated with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly along with their imprints of Vamptasy and Hot Ink Press as well as Encompass Ink. These authors really do deserve a shout out for their promotion and liberal points of version and codes of conduct.


My Books in the genre of horror are as follows

The Curse of Mary

All Legends, The Chronicles of being Isisti

The Fallen Ones

Berlin War

Beautiful Nightmares

Bloody Sexy

Call of the Moon

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As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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