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This is Nicolajayne Taylor’s blog. This website features her written works, recipes, lifestyle and The Seduction of Horror pages. As a writer, she wants to expand her audience by delivering various posts carrying an array of articles about her books, her life and her interests, hobbies and skills.


Most of Nicolajayne’s readership is in the US and the UK. Blogging and Facebook are the main platforms as she writes her novels and short stories. As a successful author, her career is about highlighting issues from politics, science, cooking, spirituality and writing, books and essays. She wants to cover all areas through her writing, books, media and film including throwing a light on very important health and social issues.


Her books are carefully researched and fit the United Kingdom aesthetic for British Horror that her Darklings world-wide love. Along with her sense of humour, free-spirited nature and never taking any shit from anyone, she pursues subjects such as culture, ancient history and paranormal.

You can find her books and follow Nicolajayne Taylor, at her page on Amazon https://goo.gl/e90hPC


Nicolajayne Taylor is a British erotic, horror and fantasy writer, signed with the United States-based indie publishing giant Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly, their imprint Vamptasy and Hot Ink Press. Follow her on if that is the social media platform of your choice. Twitter


As a horror fan, her inspiration comes from both British and US horror. Her books are dark fantasy horror with steamy sex scenes that will have you running for a cold shower or grabbing your partner for a quickie and sleeping with the lights on. Her very graphic scenes of sex, violence and spookery in her novels give her books an earthy feel that is very easy to read and her Darklings have reviewed, shared and cared about the issues raised her books that have underlying messages about the endurance of the human spirit. Follow on her Fan page, click the link to her fan page Facebook 


She is passionate about history, the paranormal and mythology. So many of her stories feature if not one, but all of these passions that thrust you into a dark fantasy world that you can feel, taste, see and hear as your mind goes on an Alice in Wonderland kind of journey. It is British Horror and Fantasy at its best.

Born in the Cypress and starting life in Lancashire, and the Ribble Valley as #Rosa-Lee Satan, Nicolajayne Taylor had a severely bad childhood of abuse, kin-nap, neglect, battery, amnesia from trauma and a car accident and as an adult, she has struggled with her life-long condition of SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) & PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Born to a mother that died in childbirth to twins and to her dad Sebastian Tobias Jeffory Alfred Satan. She had a beautiful relationship with her dad but due to trouble makers and bull shit by family members who still cause trouble today, she doesn’t associate with them on her maternal side of the family at all or her dad’s family and lives a solitary life, struggling with mental health along the way. Her books are away to help deal with that.

Nicolajayne Taylor is also married to someone who cannot be named due to bad circumstances and the fact that Nicolajayne doesn’t like him, they were known then as Rosa-Lei and Peony, married as a sacred ancestral rite from birth, her christening, then a second as part of the Greek Orthodox religion for Arcadian Cypriot Greek Royalty, they had another ceremony, which they have to redo their vows every so often but it is only ten years and the rest of the time they do NOT associate with one another.

This is usually a well-kept family secret until now due to an on-going pursuit of the people who terrorised their family for years, disrupting the family and those trouble makers are still about and think they are safe from justice as long as her memory stays out, but it is back and every year I have remembered more and more. The Satan’s are Cypriot Greek regalia as part of Grecia origin, and as traditionally, betrothal meaning intended to marry as in engagement although it isn’t as heard of these days, but still arranged marriages still happen.

They wedded so that it couldn’t be undone and no matter what they would have to adhere to traditional Grecia values. They are also known as a pairing, Nicolajayne has yet to research this but under daily posts, you can find out more. Follow on Instagram


She grew up in a town named Southport in Merseyside. Though she had a few good years as a teen and young adult, they were broken by intermitted problems with her mental health and disorder which had gone undiagnosed for most of her life. Her intelligence and creativity are her superpowers as her books, research and countless abilities and skills are next to none.


Books by Nicolajayne Taylor

Amazon https://goo.gl/e90hPC

Email enjayataylorbutterflyangel@gmail.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AuthorNicolajayneTaylor/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Twitter https://twitter.com/EnjayTaylor

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/enjay_taylor/

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Word Press https://enjaytaylor.wordpress.com/weekly-posts/

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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