Enjay Taylor
Author Nicolajayne Taylor

This is all Enjay. The blog is going to feature her works, other authors and more. As a writer, she wants to expand into helping others to achieve with their social media reach and network with others, especially locally as well as internationally.  Sign up for her Mailinglist here http://eepurl.com/cVkCbf

Most of Enjay’s readership is in the US and she feels she can do so much more locally and bring in the US influence as an asset to what she is trying to achieve by highlighting issues from politics, home, life and writing. She wants to cover all areas through her writing, including throwing a light on Blackburn, Lancashire, where she lives. Follow Enjay’ here Amazon https://goo.gl/e90hPC

Nicolajayne Taylor is a British erotic, fantasy horror writer, signed with the United States based indie publishing giant Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly, their imprint Vamptasy and Hot Ink Press. She encourages and helps other authors to further their career in any which way she can by sharing and reviewing.
As a horror fan, her inspiration comes from both British and US horror. Her books are dark fantasy horror with steamy sex scenes that will have you running for a cold shower or grabbing your partner for a quickie while you sleep with the lights on.

She is passionate about history, the paranormal and mythology. So many of her stories feature if not one, but all of these passions that thrust you into a dark fantasy world that you can feel, taste, see and hear. It is spookery like no other.
Born in the Lancashire, a place called the Ribble Valley and grew up in a Merseyside town called Southport, Enjay has been surrounded by fun loving people in which to stay grounded no matter how far from home she travels.


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