My Image Update

Lately, I have taken to wearing wigs, for the fact that I have a sore back and prefer to sit at home feeling comfy with my hair in a clip, with no makeup and in my sweat pants. As an author, I write books and a blog. I don’t need to get glitzed up to do this, however, every now and then I need image updates for marketing and promotional content and I like sharing my before, during and after shots as well as the processed, airbrushed ones.


I wish people didn’t feel the need to compare themselves to others, celebs or anyone or prove their worth just because society is a soup of competition and division. I want to show my colourful and playful side, but also with the direction more catered towards the human element of me and hopefully others can take note and feel more comfortable in their own skin. Having had a few abusive relationships, that centred around ego, shallow-minded derogative and insulting commentary on who, what and why I am, I can tell you it reflects and says more about them as a person than it does me.


I have the mantra of we are all butterflies and we should be able to fly with all of our colours, patterns and war wounds without judgement and opinionated bullshit that some in society cannot live without, putting someone down just to have something to say because they are attention-seeking and out for a reaction. Don’t rise or lower yourself to it. Let it go, don’t let it just happen.


Here are the shots from today’s photo session.



As Always, My Darklings, Take Care.

Nicolajayne Taylor Logo Final

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