Oh, the Pain!

For about over a decade now, I have suffered backache. It has almost become unbearable which is why I am on Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independent Living Payments.

Two major issues I have with it is Sciatica and Ankylosis. Seeing as the two ailments are in the same place and cause me a lot of pain,  I am on some pretty strong medication such as Co-Codamol, Pregabalin and I have Hydroxyzine and Mirtazapine and this last one is supposed to help with my mental health as well as my back pain. The anti-histamine is to help with my asthma, but also to help give me a sense of gradual tiredness throughout the day due to a sleep problem.


I came off all of my meds last year in favour of losing weight, and trying home remedies for these medical problems as taking all these meds was having a seriously bad impact on my day to day life and causing me to be fed up and depressed as well as an impact on my liver, kidneys and circulation.


Having Sensory Processing Disorder on top of this which has a major bash on all of my senses I am and have messed up over the years and this continues to get worse as I try and manage these issues on my own.

The family I have, I don’t like. My brother and my Uncle are the exceptions. I have friends but due to locality, I don’t speak to them on a regular basis and tend to distance myself socially due to my SPD and Depression. Physical pain also makes me have less patience with people and catch 22, I don’t have anyone to help me and a day to day basis and so I suffer it on my own.


I have spent I lifetime of people being less than sympathetic and undermining just how much I suffer from these things and telling me it is attention-seeking when it isn’t, it is the opposite. Toxic people tend to belittle things like being in a lot of pain, due to their selfish nature and I have a post about this if you want to read more. However, I state this because of the paragraph above about being alone to suffer the health issues I have.


I have some home remedies that work for me, most of the time. My oil diffuser helps with my SPD, helps relax me and helps gets me to sleep. I cook homemade meals from scratch and this helps me relax and focus on the task at hand rather than my mind wandering off into anxiety land. I zone into the tv when my day of writing, blogging and editing is done to switch off and it works to some degree as reading books while my attention is focused on pain is a nightmare.

I opt for a hot bath than a shower because although medical so-called experts will say it doesn’t help and I should opt for cooler, I disagree because low and behold, I know that a hot bath helps more than a cooler one. I sleep with a pillow between my knees to help my back pain and also my knees tend to lock up due to arthritis in my joints, knees ankles and hips as well as my lower back.


I also avoid going out during cold and damp weather as it hurts like hell during the colder seasons. I use hot water bottle on my back for backache, I use it on my front for period pain and I cuddle up to it for comfort when the pain is so great mentally, physically and emotionally that I wish for death.

I hope that my frank and to-the-point post about this helps my follower on the blog if they suffer from one or more of the same conditions.

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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