Coronavirus – What to do to Feel Better

As an author I self isolate regardless, most artistic types do and we work from home on our art. Being creative means a good ethic of time management in my life and a lot of other self-employed, gig ecumenists and artists.

I have found several constructive ways to stay occupied, sociable and healthy. I said I wouldn’t do count downs and top tens type blog articles but I feel in times of international upheaval it requires suggestive articles to give and inspire people to time manage and keep from being bored or watching the news as I see that as unhealthy to keep watching twenty-four-hour news bulletins on a worldwide crisis.

So here is what I do to keep active. I clean the house and the plus side is exercise, as someone with a bad back, I take breaks and that lasts as long as a cup of tea then I keep going or do something new leading to the next on my list.

I cook all meals mainly from scratch but in these times, where I would only have take-out once a  month, I suggest ordering in because the stores are limited on fresh and frozen at the shop or online. Cooking all your meals the day before and getting the kids involved making fresh pasta (I will be doing basic recipes in the cooking category next month, April). I will also be posting cooking ideas but for now, just follow the links posted in this article for other folks ideas. Soups, stews and curries can help cure and feel better as a way of getting veg and fruits into our systems given our bodies a boost in vitamins and minerals. These are also comforting foodstuffs and will help with moral as well as getting creative in the kitchen and passing on skills to the kids or learning with your kids, new skills.

I also save the seeds from foods like tomatoes, strawberries, peppers as so on. I would and have planted potatoes and onions, it will give you some fresh air and fresh food for the future. These do take time and reusing containers, making drainage holes and planting on windowsills to begin within a good way of recycling as well as thinking for the future if this horrid illness continues. Plant things that last a long time after harvesting and help heal. This will be a good way of looking after your environment, collecting rainwaters, creative flower beds and composting. This will not only give you and your family something to do but learning new gardening skills and getting some fresh air while looking after yourself and household is at the top of the list of priorities.

Decorating containers, jars and furniture as well as your home that normally you may not spend that much time with, and you and the household realise how much waste, impracticalities and disuse your home and lifestyle has. Constructive arts and crafts will not only occupy your time but also making living and cohabiting easier as everyone can chip in. Have a clean up and clear out, seeing what can be fixed, reused and decorated, creating new skills and hobbies and revamping your home for the better will help with mood, emotions and atmosphere, as well as spring cleaning and making sure all surfaces get a bleaching and wipe down daily.

Learning new skills watching videos on social media, talking to friends and relatives and even educational content in the sciences can help zone you out of home life and problems and give you and the rest of the household a way of escaping. I advise TED Talks, any Gaia videos and arts & craft making videos and applying what you learn the week after. Action planning helps with time and health management when at home, cooped up and instead of waiting for death, we can be good to look after each other by other means of communication, starting with getting to know yourself and talking inwardly to that voice at the back of your mind with the intention of getting to know it and actively developing a relationship. This will improve interpersonal health and mood, emotions and mentality.

A little on what I am doing to occupy my time. I am painting, drawing, writing, blogging and vlogging. I am playing The Sims 4 and I am watching quiz shows, lectures and documentaries and I am meditating, internal conversations that I have learned to actively talk outwardly and get a good conversation with myself. Practising Agnostic, mindfulness and oneness.

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