Inner vs Outer Selves

In science these days we are looking into quantum theories and facts more than ever before. W starts with an old Archaic science known as the study of Psyche, the symbol known as the scythe in the constellations represents the era in which humans recognised the sense of self and ‘I think, therefore I am’ came to be the question of the shard of time.

The Tale of Two Cities or for the more science orientated individual Freud vs Jung in psychological terms is the perfect example of the Inner vs Outer self argument. One is about behaviourism and the other is mentalism. Plato vs Aristotle is the original argument of Meta to the Physical although 500 years apart. We human are made up of two types of genetics which are as follows, DNA is our physical attributes from our genetic pool and then there is RNA which is the spiritual, soul, emotional, memory or in other words the meta.

We are all part of a pairing. Two halves of something known as a Quasicrystal and it is a quantum physical representation of our universe although in my theory is a lot more localised than the entire universe and is more appropriate to look at the two halves of the whole person. If our conscience is another person, it would explain why in Freud’s theory of the personality The Super Ego and the ID, cannot deal with reality as it belongs to another person who is usually not in the same room, environment or the country in this day and age. Our souls are the person we are intended to be with and who we married before committing to living this life of outer and behaviourism. It is our radar and our way of finding our soul mate. The is materialism and I think the Plato vs Aristotle was the same argument. Is it materialism vs immaterialism, ie the Meta before the Physical.

Carl Jung’s theory was more about immaterialism and in the inner self. Mindfulness, synchronicity and arch-types are all inner, immaterial and all happen before reality, materialism.

My argument, building on both psychologist theories, states belong to your other half, ie your soul mate which is why precognitive or gaining access to the information you have never experienced or asking the question that you know is definitely not in your knowledge bank and getting an answer back from the voice at the back of your mind is another living person and we can all try this. We see this in a state of physical polygons when looking at RNA and the linking parts of these particles are the Linux synapse linking RNA to DNA, they are our communication device built into our body’s spirit and physique and can to some be called telepathy. It can also be used to link the past to the future and beyond and even other planets where panspermia has taken place and done on this planet on other Earth-type planets.


We can take photographic images of our souls known as an aura these days and we can see our souls mood, that may not belong to us. Just think of it as rogue feelings, sensations or emotions and moods, they may belong to our soul mate. Morphic field theory by Rupert Sheldrake is one of those theories which looks into auras and other RNA attributes in its form for communication, navigation and instinctual properties and these can be studied so why do many of the general public and scientists who study physics who build their careers on proving their godfathers of the any given sciences theories, especially those in general physics when it is an issue across human sciences from social, chemistry and biology to the quantum world in which we need super microscopes to see the tiniest pieces or morphing and extraordinary matter and yet some deny Meta even exists which in its self is ignorant of most examples of their predecessors where their theories were conceptual and built on philosophies from the time of Plato or Aristotle.

The point of this article and essay is for people who are into quantum sciences to experiment and try it out for themselves. Test this as we are in a pandemic of the COVID Coronavirus and see if these theories can be proven and to see what benefits we can have such as healing, peace of mind, body and heart.

Anyway, Bye for now. I will continue my theories as self Isolation for the COVID takes over the world. Stay clean, Stay Healthy and Stay Educated.


Nicolajayne Taylor Logo FinalAs Always, My darklings, Take Care.

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