Weekly Posts

This new page is going to focus on a weekly review of my life as a person and as an author. I hope you all enjoy this as I will share stuff that isn’t on social media.This post was on Facebook but will give you an insight into how these posts will look.

Last week was a nightmare! It was the kind of week where I felt cursed, so please send some light and good juju my way, please.
Monday, had a meeting. I got all smart, did my hair, makeup and the rest of it! It rained and rained hard, on my way to the meeting a car came flying out of nowhere and nearly ran me over.
Tuesday, my PC crashed and I had to roll it back to when the last update and before installing a new app happened. It borked my documents, games and I have stuff where it shouldn’t be. Good job I ‘dropboxed’ my manuscripts otherwise I would have been done for.
Wednesday, my phone nearly went to phone heaven. It kept flashing the logo at me and wouldn’t come back on, safe to say my love interest wasn’t impressed and neither was I.
Thursday, my day was spent spending the last £1.20 I had to my name on a train fare, to bank my travel expenses and in the end, I gave the wrong details, meh! All sorted out now I hope.
Friday my net went down, my PC crashed again and I was nearly smoking tea leaves.
So this week is a new week and one that I hope it a hell of a lot better than last.

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