Sensory Processing Disorder – SPD

As someone who has suffered from undiagnosed autism, High functioning and creative the world has always been an overload of information for me. Distracting one sense or another at any one time. Sensory overload has the horrible effect of insomnia, focusing and deciphering social signals and processing emotions and emotional trauma. I have had to fight for coping strategies.



Feeling overloaded by social dictation, traumatic incidents and intimidating events that replay especially when faced with those people time and again, certain members of family. I have distanced myself from most people who fall into either of two categories, those who want something and those who are out for anything they can get. There is a third category, those yet to fall into the first two.


After years of untreated trauma due to being one of those people that therapy cannot help and medication being a coverup to my Sensory Processing Disorder {SPD}. An area of autism that is known but with only calming effects rather than processing and other emotional help in conquering this terrorising disorder when peripheral and direct senses are affected, it is hard to know what to do when treating yourself. Here is what I have found helps.

Oil Diffusers/lamps

Sensory Light Box

Essential Oils Mother Nature being a selection of favourites of mine by Mystic Moments

Rain-Rain app ie White Noise especially weather sound FX

As Always, Take Care my Darklings.




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