Gaia Hypothesis – Consciousness

As a young child, I was known as an Oracle, it is like a medium and is Arcadian Greek with ancient philosophies. It is also something which my family throughout the generations have relied upon for prophecies. Gaia is not just a theory or being, it is a collective consensus and science that encapsulates ancient ways of life, thinking and science with that of modern-day.

I am part of the Royal Arcadian Greek Family which has an ancestral duty to represent theories of old tales can be true. I am part of a pairing, one of two halves or two sides of the same coin is the perfect analogy to this rite of passage. It is what our soul mate is, kindred spirit and is also known as our conscience. Which is a real person and we should have a meeting of minds, a friendship, then a romance and then a relationship. It is known a pairing and we all have that one person if you begin to talk to it in mind and conduct it as you would meeting anyone for the first time, you will find your soul.

This may sound like hippy-dippy, paranormal mumbo jumbo but it is a science as we are in the age of Aquilla, the age known as Aquarius. The science part comes into this by reading and researching Mindfulness and Oneness. We can actively practice this by looking into Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Christianity, Taoism, Judaism and Islamic Religions. Together they all have the scripture and lessons in which to connect you to your other half. The Agnosticism and Deism are the Arcadian versions and one of the oldest religions bring all the other old testaments of western religions and cultures together.  The age of Aquilla is about inclusion, oneness with our conscience in mind, body and spirit.

It is healing, it is fulfiling and it is ascension at its best, it is spirituality and sensuality. We all crave that one person that compliments and balances us, we can by looking within and talking to our conscience like it is a real person, separate from ourselves. It has a name and usually, the voice that replies is one of the opposite sex.

The Earth is in need of a new era, one which centres around caring for ourselves as a couple with our soul mate, one that takes care of our environment and an era in which the technology is about enhances our senses, regardless of autism or not. We are sentient beings and Gaia has the perfect explanation on how to do this and how medically, socially and technologically we are all ready for this.


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