Recipes, Life and Health

This area of my blog will be dedicated to health, well being and lifestyle. I will share recipes, relaxing items and products. I will also share why as I go. I hope this area will be shared with those who suffer from mental health problems and emotional trauma. As an abuse victim as a child and someone who therapy doesn’t help, I help myself by figuring out how to dampen down the impact the world around me has, sounds, smells and sensations, sights and all have a major impact on my sensory well being.

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I suffer from depression, childhood trauma and as an adult, I suffer from social anxiety.  Medication is a cover-up, it only helps mask the symptoms of deeper set issues I have had to deal with my entire life. I have recently had to come to terms with my childhood trauma and all this year been the victim of a personal assault on my physical, emotion and mental well being. I use incense diffusers, I  use music and sound apps to relax and I use lighting, dimmed and altered to calm my nerves and anxiety.

I have shared very little of my personal history as I prefer to keep peoples attention on my books. Now, I feel this can help others, this is going to be the area I will post in. Follow me on Twitter for those who want quick updates to my blog.

All this has led to a very unproductive year. I am now sharing what I am doing to pick myself up once again after family, so-called friends and associates who I don’t socialise within my life ever or haven’t seen for years interfere with my life and trauma once again and I end up stressed out, terrorised and feeling at a loss of what to do with myself. My blog, my books and life has been on hold for the needs of selfish people who have tried to steal my books and claim them as their own, I have a company claim they represent me when they don’t and have never met me and I have had someone who has been a constant curse and blessing all my life do their worst this year and this is the reason I haven’t been on social media or published any of my books. I hope that you are all good, my darklings and this post is explanatory enough as to my absence from my media this year. I have missed you all and look forward to reading your comments.

In all of my books, there is underlying messages of human occupation that everyone I hope can take something from to help their personal Ethos.


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