I am Married, Who Knew?


How would you feel if your whole life you had been lied too? Until 2019

How would you feel if someone tried to steal something you worked so hard for? Cheated

How would you feel if you were told that you are married to someone, through an ancient rite of duty and never knew it? Ruined

How would you feel if you did know you had a different birth name? Missing

I am married to someone called Peony, Alexi Cyprus Anthony Peter James, surname to be left out due to bad circumstances…

Our families go way back in time through an ancient friendship and we were betrothed from the moment of birth and we were married when we were kids as Rosy and Peony, only to be separated due to the age gap, eight years, nine months and two weeks which adds up to a very special number of 20. It is important to the theory of symphony and a new astrological era known as Aquila. A very Grecian term for a sort of synchronicity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priscilla_and_Aquila

It involves:

Shared consciousness

Electronic magnetic Energy


Sacred Vows





The constellation of the Aquila is about to present itself as a very important marker for the human race. As someone who has a very spiritual condition of the senses called a Symphony. It is something we all have, just not to the degree that me and my other half have.

A lot of people know that I am interested in the quantum world, paranormal and take a mild interest in cosmology. The Earth is on a tilt and once every thousand years it flips. The constellations are in my theory a calendar. It marks a time in space in which the human psyche and universe meld, especially in the ages of Aquila.

Author Nicolajayne Taylor

Part of it is about our senses of the physical, mental and emotional. Mind, body and spirit. One is DNA and the other is RNA. Whether you are religious or not, Geneva vs Jehovah, Male vs Female and benevolent vs malevolent. We can look at Sleep and dreams, awake and daydreams as another way of the subject of consciousness, biology, cosmology and these are all parts of a phrase called Symphony – Synergy can be found usually be found when gases and other substances can be turned into crystals of the precious stone variety but in this term that I am connecting it too means the exchange of energy from person to another, regardless of distance, time or location.

Sensory Evaluation The human analysis of the taste, smell, sound, feel and appearance of food.

The universe and human psyche are connected in ways in which you couldn’t even imagine in this theory of mine. That inner-voice has a name, those rogue senses that seem to come from nowhere main pertain to either those who are intended as your soul mate. The universe part mainly pertains to another dimension and that is those of what I term – over the fence, ie I sense dead folk! So does my other half and it is highly likely, people are beginning to wake up to these experiences.


I am married to someone I have barely spent any time with, we were separated from the moment of the ceremony due to bad relationships and misunderstandings from family members and friends of the family. Still, we are in touch and always will be, there is a lot of love there between us but also a lot of resentment mainly due to past traumas on either side, other people and greed as well as ruthless ambitions. I have been dealing with this, this year and as cynicism is a super-power of mine, if I didn’t experience it, I wouldn’t believe it. There has been a lot of hurt due to not understanding from all directions and people stepping over the boundary and blurring the lines of personal and professional.


My other half is very well known and is Peter James Andrea. We have been through hell and back, through mind walks, dream walks and all to bring us to a place of recognizing how important that marriage of duty is. We had both forgotten about it, not caring about it and no one could have to guess what it would take from us to bring us to a new place and knowing through mind, body and spirit that he prefers to term it and I prefer the mental, physical and emotional. My dad’s side of the family have regalia, that is me and they were lied to like my husband’s family were and told that I had died and I have never known my dad’s family, I have fought for this because heritage is very important to me, history and culture as anyone who knows me, follows me and/or read my books.

My books are not any reflection on me or my husband as people, they are fictional as far as the erotica goes and I don’t see sex the same way as most people would think of it. I see it as part of today’s society and approach that area of my books with a very cautious eye, I don’t like vulgar, I prefer affection, respect and consideration and sensuality rather than care about sexuality. My books contain this element due to it being popular and I aim to move away from this genre but make no promises.

I am continuing this subject matter over about Aquila, Quantum theory and the Psyche. This is an update and re-edit to a very stern post about this earlier. When a very volatile situation of confusion and fear has me reeling.

My next post of this matter will be about our senses being a twenty-twenty aspect of Aquila. The Lyra and Cygnus.

As Always, My Darklings, Take care.

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