Rob Shepherd

 Rob Shepherd

Let me give you a taste of this amazing person and author.

Born in Essex in 1978 and still lives in Essex with his wife, son, daft dog and grumpy old cat.

His Books to date include Life With Boris Karloff! Sofiah, Stripped Unconsciousness, The Grays Anatomy, Friends Like Us (novella, taken from The Grays Anatomy) , The Caretaker, BiteSized Vol.1, Rob Shepherd Official Facebook page Rob has featured in many anthologies including Dark Light 2 (by S.J. Davis), Liphar – Short Stories Vol.1 & Unleash The Undead (Collated & Edited by Samie Sands), Kevin Hall’s Thirteen 2: The Horror Continues, Horror on Halloween Night and A Picture Is Worth 1000 words both also by Samie Sands. Keep an eye out for appearances in more anthologies to come.



Rob has also written scripts for several short films, such as Silentwood Films’ “Sofiah” & other forthcoming short films.

Rob is scheduled to appear in several new horror anthologies as well as appearing at Author and Book signing Events across the UK during 2017 & 2018 and is scheduled to release further books of various genre over the the next 12-18 months, including The Darker Side Of Fiction Event in Peterborough at the Peterborough Holiday Inn on 7th October 2017 and appearing at Writers by the Water, in Kent in summer of 2018.

This British horror writer is a good friend of mine and I love his work. I always try and give a shout out to friends and Rob is one of the best. He is always a great conversationalist, has a very wide spectrum of interests and we share a love of horror. He also shares an interest in otherworldliness that seems to be a very #HotTopic at the moment.

To quote the great man himself, “The main theme that seems to connect the majority of my works is the idea or concept of another reality, another world that is as unique to each of us as our fingerprints. I love exploring the possibilities the existence of these, how they could be accessed and why or what for.”

The Grays Anatomy is an anthology of horror and Rob give us everything we need in such a book.


A selection of twelve short stories from the strange, and the slightly disturbed world of author Rob Shepherd. This book is not for the faint hearted! “Though the author is fairly new to publishing, Rob Shepherd’s collection, THE GRAYS ANATOMY, reads like a beloved classic—a modern, updated literary companion akin to all those classic Hammer Horror films so many of us grew up loving. Especially stories like “Jennifer,” “Majique,” and the superb “The Poe Paradox.” Delicious, dark, and unforgettable, likely to be enjoyed again and again through repeat reading.” Gregory L. Norris, Brutal Colours (screenwriter), Tales From the Robot Graveyard


A group of friends are taking one last holiday all together but are surprised when the long lost member of the group agrees to go. After years of struggling with his families and especially his own ghosts and haunted past, Oliver needs to confront the demons and move on. But whilst playing what they think is a harmless game on holiday in a lodge, Oliver and his friends find out just how real your past can be in your present. In a panic, the friends make a fatal decision. Now the past has come to haunt them and the friends realise just how fragile their own realities, as well as their bodies really are. Who will last the night and who will have to stay forever?


A Bouquet of Flowers can represent many things from love, tenderness to sadness and regret. But things aren’t always what they appear. Horror often lies waiting in the most innocent and beautiful. Are you sure you are certain as to what is the truth here? After all, beauty can hide in the darkest moments.

Rob’s works are a Five Star read from me


All of these wonderful works can be found on Amazon here Rob Shepherd Amazon page

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