Perception, Supernatural and Paranormal perspectives in Science

As someone who is creative, and analytical, I have a vast array of interest. In my books, I cover history, the supernatural and paranormal. I have a long interest in these areas and prefer the more science end of the quantum world and that of consciousness. We think of our lives as the centre of everything, why wouldn’t you. When we take a look deeper, we can observe phenomena with our senses.

Our perception of spirituality, connectivity, society and the universe as separate things, I have watched many a lecture and documentary about Gaia, history, the universe, sociology and culture as well as those that are unorthodox and more agnostic and science and anthropologically orientated towards explaining life, love and the world around us. 

We know there is more to life and reality than the conventional definitions spelt out by media, religion and mainstream science. Our inner minds belong to someone else, another living person. Telepathy exists try it for yourself… the internet and telephones, postal services and messengers such as Skype, Whatsapp and other social media apps only imitate it. Gaia looked into the natural abilities we as humans have, the minerals, metallics, quartz and biological and chemical reactions within our own bodies gives us the abilities far beyond our imagination.

With a time in which COVID-19 has taken place and a lot of people are sick, dying or dead. It is a comfort to know that we live onward and can communicate. We can ask within our minds and see what answer you get to profound questions. Let a voice speak through your own voice box and don’t be afraid when the voice sounds male when speaking through a female and the opposite, these are not demons or ghosts they are spiritual messengers or your past loved ones or higher up the ladder of being. This may sound far fetched but unplugging from technology, suffering with autism and sensory processing disorder, I have tried these things out for myself and it works, people communicate.

Be careful not to get offended or scared, be careful of forcing your views on others. I am saying what I have found to be true, I am not saying it is a must-do. Most of the time check with certain details that only a family or a friend would know. Follow social convention such as manners, respect and consideration. I know it can be upsetting when a loved one has died however, take solace in the reply if you get one. 


Anyhow, for more about this interest very soon.

For Now, Take Care, My Darklings.

Arts & Crafts

In this time of instability, sickness and financial upheaval, people are stuck at home with very little to do apart from watching rolling news, reruns of tv shows and not much else. I highly recommend watching Gaia on YouTube.

We are in the age of Aquila and Gaia ethos which is a science, a religion and a mind set. I encourage anyone who wants to blend spirituality with science and theory, the supernatural and paranormal. True History and Reality with Modern and Ancient ways of life and thinking. Go To for more information.

Go To For More Information

I will take a picture of my little attempt at gardening, growing my own veg and herbs. However, today’s blog post is about arts and crafts. I have been Painting and Drawing and Sketching. You can keep up-to-date with my daily posts on Facebook.

I used to do a lot of arts and crafts as a kid, but as an adult haven’t really dedicated much time to doing so until recently when I am putting up with a relentless bunch of idiots who are stalking me, and don’t understand that someone like isn’t going to stop writing erotic, horror and fantasy just because some sexist and small minded individuals think that pretty girls like me shouldn’t write those genres and are insistent that I should write more family friendly subjects. I disagree with that attitude whole heartedly, the same idiots that tried to steal my body of work so they could make money out of it.

These are the paintings and I am not saying they are perfect, they are just me, getting back into arts and crafts. I like the image and though I am not trained or know a lot about art, I do know that I am just imagination to canvas or paper.

I hope you enjoyed the images and I will upload more to this as I go. My next project in crafting clay and will be doing decorative masks. I also had a revamp of the cover for The Ancient Ones. Dreams2Media having done a fantastic job. You can find some of their designs and covers as well as art at this link to

All images belong to Nicolajayne Taylor and are her art work.

Coronavirus – What to do to Feel Better

As an author I self isolate regardless, most artistic types do and we work from home on our art. Being creative means a good ethic of time management in my life and a lot of other self-employed, gig ecumenists and artists.

I have found several constructive ways to stay occupied, sociable and healthy. I said I wouldn’t do count downs and top tens type blog articles but I feel in times of international upheaval it requires suggestive articles to give and inspire people to time manage and keep from being bored or watching the news as I see that as unhealthy to keep watching twenty-four-hour news bulletins on a worldwide crisis.

So here is what I do to keep active. I clean the house and the plus side is exercise, as someone with a bad back, I take breaks and that lasts as long as a cup of tea then I keep going or do something new leading to the next on my list.

I cook all meals mainly from scratch but in these times, where I would only have take-out once a  month, I suggest ordering in because the stores are limited on fresh and frozen at the shop or online. Cooking all your meals the day before and getting the kids involved making fresh pasta (I will be doing basic recipes in the cooking category next month, April). I will also be posting cooking ideas but for now, just follow the links posted in this article for other folks ideas. Soups, stews and curries can help cure and feel better as a way of getting veg and fruits into our systems given our bodies a boost in vitamins and minerals. These are also comforting foodstuffs and will help with moral as well as getting creative in the kitchen and passing on skills to the kids or learning with your kids, new skills.

I also save the seeds from foods like tomatoes, strawberries, peppers as so on. I would and have planted potatoes and onions, it will give you some fresh air and fresh food for the future. These do take time and reusing containers, making drainage holes and planting on windowsills to begin within a good way of recycling as well as thinking for the future if this horrid illness continues. Plant things that last a long time after harvesting and help heal. This will be a good way of looking after your environment, collecting rainwaters, creative flower beds and composting. This will not only give you and your family something to do but learning new gardening skills and getting some fresh air while looking after yourself and household is at the top of the list of priorities.

Decorating containers, jars and furniture as well as your home that normally you may not spend that much time with, and you and the household realise how much waste, impracticalities and disuse your home and lifestyle has. Constructive arts and crafts will not only occupy your time but also making living and cohabiting easier as everyone can chip in. Have a clean up and clear out, seeing what can be fixed, reused and decorated, creating new skills and hobbies and revamping your home for the better will help with mood, emotions and atmosphere, as well as spring cleaning and making sure all surfaces get a bleaching and wipe down daily.

Learning new skills watching videos on social media, talking to friends and relatives and even educational content in the sciences can help zone you out of home life and problems and give you and the rest of the household a way of escaping. I advise TED Talks, any Gaia videos and arts & craft making videos and applying what you learn the week after. Action planning helps with time and health management when at home, cooped up and instead of waiting for death, we can be good to look after each other by other means of communication, starting with getting to know yourself and talking inwardly to that voice at the back of your mind with the intention of getting to know it and actively developing a relationship. This will improve interpersonal health and mood, emotions and mentality.

A little on what I am doing to occupy my time. I am painting, drawing, writing, blogging and vlogging. I am playing The Sims 4 and I am watching quiz shows, lectures and documentaries and I am meditating, internal conversations that I have learned to actively talk outwardly and get a good conversation with myself. Practising Agnostic, mindfulness and oneness.

Inner vs Outer Selves

In science these days we are looking into quantum theories and facts more than ever before. W starts with an old Archaic science known as the study of Psyche, the symbol known as the scythe in the constellations represents the era in which humans recognised the sense of self and ‘I think, therefore I am’ came to be the question of the shard of time.

The Tale of Two Cities or for the more science orientated individual Freud vs Jung in psychological terms is the perfect example of the Inner vs Outer self argument. One is about behaviourism and the other is mentalism. Plato vs Aristotle is the original argument of Meta to the Physical although 500 years apart. We human are made up of two types of genetics which are as follows, DNA is our physical attributes from our genetic pool and then there is RNA which is the spiritual, soul, emotional, memory or in other words the meta.

We are all part of a pairing. Two halves of something known as a Quasicrystal and it is a quantum physical representation of our universe although in my theory is a lot more localised than the entire universe and is more appropriate to look at the two halves of the whole person. If our conscience is another person, it would explain why in Freud’s theory of the personality The Super Ego and the ID, cannot deal with reality as it belongs to another person who is usually not in the same room, environment or the country in this day and age. Our souls are the person we are intended to be with and who we married before committing to living this life of outer and behaviourism. It is our radar and our way of finding our soul mate. The is materialism and I think the Plato vs Aristotle was the same argument. Is it materialism vs immaterialism, ie the Meta before the Physical.

Carl Jung’s theory was more about immaterialism and in the inner self. Mindfulness, synchronicity and arch-types are all inner, immaterial and all happen before reality, materialism.

My argument, building on both psychologist theories, states belong to your other half, ie your soul mate which is why precognitive or gaining access to the information you have never experienced or asking the question that you know is definitely not in your knowledge bank and getting an answer back from the voice at the back of your mind is another living person and we can all try this. We see this in a state of physical polygons when looking at RNA and the linking parts of these particles are the Linux synapse linking RNA to DNA, they are our communication device built into our body’s spirit and physique and can to some be called telepathy. It can also be used to link the past to the future and beyond and even other planets where panspermia has taken place and done on this planet on other Earth-type planets.


We can take photographic images of our souls known as an aura these days and we can see our souls mood, that may not belong to us. Just think of it as rogue feelings, sensations or emotions and moods, they may belong to our soul mate. Morphic field theory by Rupert Sheldrake is one of those theories which looks into auras and other RNA attributes in its form for communication, navigation and instinctual properties and these can be studied so why do many of the general public and scientists who study physics who build their careers on proving their godfathers of the any given sciences theories, especially those in general physics when it is an issue across human sciences from social, chemistry and biology to the quantum world in which we need super microscopes to see the tiniest pieces or morphing and extraordinary matter and yet some deny Meta even exists which in its self is ignorant of most examples of their predecessors where their theories were conceptual and built on philosophies from the time of Plato or Aristotle.

The point of this article and essay is for people who are into quantum sciences to experiment and try it out for themselves. Test this as we are in a pandemic of the COVID Coronavirus and see if these theories can be proven and to see what benefits we can have such as healing, peace of mind, body and heart.

Anyway, Bye for now. I will continue my theories as self Isolation for the COVID takes over the world. Stay clean, Stay Healthy and Stay Educated.


Nicolajayne Taylor Logo FinalAs Always, My darklings, Take Care.

Recipe – Chicken Satay


I like to go on a journey with my recipes and this one is from Thailand. Chicken Satay is one of my all-time favourites and here is my tribute to the humble peanut. We get a lot of health benefits from eating nuts and my favourites are easily peanuts and almonds, but I tend to like pistachio and walnuts are also great ways to get particular supplements into our diets Potassium is in most nuts and some fruits.

I used a very Eastern theory to my cooking, textures, balanced flavouring and colours. In my Satay, I have peanut paste, Thai Seven Spices, I use white sugar although I would use palm or muscovado sugar, I use fresh garlic and onion and coconut milk in the marinade. Then I add a selection of stir-fried veg up on cooking in the wok. Mainly mixed peppers, broccoli, carrot and cauliflower. I used chicken in this version but I like satay sauce with pork, prawns, lamb or beef. Add it to a stirfry is a good option but marinating any of these meats and cooking the leftover sauce for a dip for a skewered version of Satay is also a healthy good option, check out this recipe for an alternative.



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Mind over Matter

Over the years I have learned many coping mechanisms to handle trauma endured from childhood abuse by very bad people and I mean evil people. I also suffered beatings and verbal abuse from my mother. I have suffered rape as a child, young adult and even as a teen. To top it off, I have had a long term, on and off relationship with someone who is controlling, abusive and manipulative.


In this article, I hope to refer to toxic relationships of all kinds from bullying in the playground as a kid or at the hands of a horrid person as an adult because of their insecurities, jealousies and inadequacies as a person. Their attention-seeking ways and how everything bad, wrong or habits in their mind is always someone else fault, more often than not a particular person they seek to make the personification of every ill in their life.


I am married though I rarely mention it because there are no divorce courts for me and that person. Because of this, I have been the victim of their utter cruelty and manipulation. They are evil, verbally abusing me and also wiretap my phone so they can track my movements, and who I talk to.

My silence is now broken. The paranoia of their own misgivings that trigger things like, ‘I am warning you’ and ‘I want your attention all the time’ They let me recover from their mental, emotional and physical abuse and then abuse me all over again. The mental and emotional abuse usually triggers self-harm as it gets so bad but I get stronger every year that I have subjected to this horrid person and due to them being a public figure ie famous, they think there is no come back on them and that they are more deserving.


I hope to highlight that I have autism and therapy doesn’t work for someone like me. I have to find ways of fending off this person, including a restraining order from years back because people failed to realise that they cannot protect me from a person as evil as this who hides their means and it is as if butter wouldn’t melt. It is fake, they are not anything of what they make themselves out to be though their marketing states otherwise and more or less allows them to believe they are a good person when they are not. I am not alone in this and will be doing a Facebook Live video about this topic.


It is important to remember, they are the problem and you are NOT. I am sure there are millions of people, men and women and child who can relate to what I am saying about this. When someone seeks to mess with your mind and your emotions to feed their own delusions of being a well put together sort of person but they have a dark secret and that is they take all their problems out on one person and make it their lives work to make mine a hassle and to make me feel worthless, this is a bad person making my life hell and they see nothing wrong in what they are doing because it goes ignored along with the dirtbags they have around them.

Here are a few links for you all, so that you know this stuff is real and you need to help yourself and heal. Mind matters and mindfulness as well as having a good relationship with yourself is key to a harmonious life and nobody has a right to control, diminish and insult your senses.–bMtnAmGv6nGpDJ7lEgtsxtUea1yeYkVWkeBwhsDvtXSMS8vHmmKDmld0vQAQ6Bd3dTYdZvnaLkHCKMR8tmbamJhCziUVsl

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care


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Recipe – Gragnano Stewed Pork & Salad


Gragnano is a type of pasta and for those who don’t want a lot of wheat or carbohydrates and want an alternative to rice, this ingredient is versatile and can thicken sauces, be fried with onions for a crunchie garnish.

I have used this in a stew with some leftover roast pork, mushrooms, onions, carrot and mixed peppers. I have a mixture of spices such as paprika, salt, pepper, Chinese five-spice. I used tomato puree and a chicken stock cube and you can also see my prized or one of my prized ingredients Aromat Seasonings which has enhancers such as onion, celery and garlic powder. I use the fresh ingredients and add the Aromat as you would salt & pepper.

Pasta has had a bad rep due to people shying away from wheat and carbs, but I’d like to point out that a balanced diet is everything in moderation unless you have a serious allergy. Many kinds of pasta have been around historically for a very long time. They can be eaten warm or cold, with or without a sauce and if with a sauce, it can be used to thicken the broth. There are also many who need their immune systems boosting and this can be done via nutrition. Certain health conditions like Hepatitis attack immune systems and a healthy diet that helps body organs


I remember from my childhood, Gragnano being used in Minestrone or a Greek equivalent. This pasta is shaped like rice and there for a smaller portion can be used for the weight conscientious. Carbs retain water in the body, make your limbs swell and can give you a distorted impression of carrying more weight than you have when you are just retaining fluid, this is bad for many reasons and anti-inflammatory drugs or foods, can help shift that unwanted fluid. We need a balanced diet to stop the need for pharmaceuticals.


I personally try to heal whatever is wrong with me with foods, ingredients and teas. Stews, broths and soups are a good way or keeping all the nutrition from vegetables and meats, seasonings and are easy frozen or refrigerated. I recommend into an ice cube tray and that way you have a mug worth or soup or stew whenever and defrost via hot water from a kettle like you were making a brew.


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Gaia Hypothesis – Consciousness

As a young child, I was known as an Oracle, it is like a medium and is Arcadian Greek with ancient philosophies. It is also something which my family throughout the generations have relied upon for prophecies. Gaia is not just a theory or being, it is a collective consensus and science that encapsulates ancient ways of life, thinking and science with that of modern-day.

I am part of the Royal Arcadian Greek Family which has an ancestral duty to represent theories of old tales can be true. I am part of a pairing, one of two halves or two sides of the same coin is the perfect analogy to this rite of passage. It is what our soul mate is, kindred spirit and is also known as our conscience. Which is a real person and we should have a meeting of minds, a friendship, then a romance and then a relationship. It is known a pairing and we all have that one person if you begin to talk to it in mind and conduct it as you would meeting anyone for the first time, you will find your soul.

This may sound like hippy-dippy, paranormal mumbo jumbo but it is a science as we are in the age of Aquilla, the age known as Aquarius. The science part comes into this by reading and researching Mindfulness and Oneness. We can actively practice this by looking into Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Christianity, Taoism, Judaism and Islamic Religions. Together they all have the scripture and lessons in which to connect you to your other half. The Agnosticism and Deism are the Arcadian versions and one of the oldest religions bring all the other old testaments of western religions and cultures together.  The age of Aquilla is about inclusion, oneness with our conscience in mind, body and spirit.

It is healing, it is fulfiling and it is ascension at its best, it is spirituality and sensuality. We all crave that one person that compliments and balances us, we can by looking within and talking to our conscience like it is a real person, separate from ourselves. It has a name and usually, the voice that replies is one of the opposite sex.

The Earth is in need of a new era, one which centres around caring for ourselves as a couple with our soul mate, one that takes care of our environment and an era in which the technology is about enhances our senses, regardless of autism or not. We are sentient beings and Gaia has the perfect explanation on how to do this and how medically, socially and technologically we are all ready for this.


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Green Ideology & Feminism

Political Theory Essay



Green Ideology & Feminism, – either ‘Can human life only be understood in the context of the natural world? – Or, ‘Has the feminist movement finally achieved equality for contemporary women?’


From the iron age Boudicca to Cleopatra in ancient time, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott and Eleanor Roosevelt, Molly Dewson, Emmeline Pankhurst and Betty Friedan. Feminism is a relatively new term for a political movement for women’s right. The terms ‘first wave’ in the nineteenth century and ‘second wave’ in the twentieth fought to emancipate women, first for the right to vote and the second to allow women to break out of traditional roles such as motherhood and housewife by opening up education, jobs and being able to make a choice about their own bodies.  There are so many more women who fought for women’s rights but I only have a limited amount of time to do their work justice. Justice is a big word, in what began as a small but strong movement and now is a big movement for the finer issues that women still have to fight for, such as equal pay and equal opportunities within the workplace. 


In the question, there is a clue to the answer and that is ‘contemporary’ but what is a modern woman? Women’s roles throughout history have changed and continue to do so. During the 1990s the role of both women and men changed beyond recognition. Education became open to all, the department of work and pensions accommodated women wanting to go back to work after having children and childcare plus funding for all this was at the top of the priority list for the Labour government. This gave women a choice, to work have a family or not. This made men’s traditional options turn on its head. 


More and more couples were making decisions together, less and fewer people choose to get married and instead, left starting a family until both genders had established their careers. The feminist movement looked to be gaining traction as rights and liberties were being backed by law. This is what became the third wave and is still very prominent today.


The female population was being supported from the top downwards and no longer be expected to take on certain masculine traits to climb the ladder. Today, we have a battle of respect, sexually and behaviourally, in social and work environments. 

So in my conclusion, the answer is no. 

We haven’t achieved equality. Modern feminism has been rebranded and supports policies for both men and women. The campaigners want everyone to be able to communicate emotions and mental health issues, be mindful not to gender-type our children and more importantly equal pay and opportunity for all. 


Women’s pay noticeably differs from men’s for doing the same jobs, much like the race is decimated during pay for doing the same jobs as their white counterparts. 

More and more men are seeing the light and also want an equal world. So why isn’t it so? 

We have to look at the top of the ladder, such as Politian’s and businesses to make this shift. The more women to climb that ladder, the better the chance of equal pay.

The more men that become enlightened to the plight of a woman, the more of an opportunity for change will become apparent.

Feminism is about working together, more than elevating women above men which is the usual wrong assumption when people are asked about this movement. 

Women are still taxed simply for being female. Our sanitary products are classed as luxury items whereas caviar isn’t. Why is this?

And that is the reason we do not yet have equality, to gain equality these questions need to be answered and disappear as human culture becomes one with the distinction of gender, or race and works together.

As long as there are these inequalities, the feminist movement will continue their campaign.

To tie this in with the green ideology, seeing each other as equal and respecting the world on which we live, these movements and ideologies are very important as they ever were. 


The planet is becoming overpopulated, species are becoming extinct, the weather and our oceans are polluted and the air we breathe is starting to be toxic. Thousands of people die every year because of air pollution. Traditional tribes that are cut off from modern society are also being lost to a consumer obsessed civilisation. We need both of these movements and they need to grow and evolve to wake people up to the fact that their lives and capitalisation are killing us all and the planet.

The Alternative to fixing both of these problems lies with the Gaia Hypothesis and what the initiative is trying to achieve internationally.


As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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Women in Horror Month


In an age when society is moving in the direction of equality, we are celebrating Women in Horror Month which is all of February. I began and still write horror and it all began with The Curse of Mary. I love that no matter what gender you identify with, we celebrate reading and the next generation acquiring a taste for books and open a whole world of imagination and their lives become learned. Click here for my books overview


I began reading Graham Masterton and Barbara Erskine. Erskine always has a very strong female protagonist and Masterton male. My book Berlin War is aimed at Fem-Nazi-Splatter Goth and the main protagonist was male and the detective was female. All I did was change their names and certain characteristics and bingo, role reversal. The great thing about reading a book, no matter what the genre, no matter what the subject or gender you can be the main character in the safety of your own world or seat while enjoying the exploits of your favourite characters by your favourite authors.


The Seduction of Horror which is a group and page on Facebook and now Affiliated with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly along with their imprints of Vamptasy and Hot Ink Press as well as Encompass Ink. These authors really do deserve a shout out for their promotion and liberal points of version and codes of conduct.


My Books in the genre of horror are as follows

The Curse of Mary

All Legends, The Chronicles of being Isisti

The Fallen Ones

Berlin War

Beautiful Nightmares

Bloody Sexy

Call of the Moon

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As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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