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In this time of instability, sickness and financial upheaval, people are stuck at home with very little to do apart from watching rolling news, reruns of tv shows and not much else. I highly recommend watching Gaia on YouTube.

We are in the age of Aquila and Gaia ethos which is a science, a religion and a mind set. I encourage anyone who wants to blend spirituality with science and theory, the supernatural and paranormal. True History and Reality with Modern and Ancient ways of life and thinking. Go To for more information.

Go To For More Information

I will take a picture of my little attempt at gardening, growing my own veg and herbs. However, today’s blog post is about arts and crafts. I have been Painting and Drawing and Sketching. You can keep up-to-date with my daily posts on Facebook.

I used to do a lot of arts and crafts as a kid, but as an adult haven’t really dedicated much time to doing so until recently when I am putting up with a relentless bunch of idiots who are stalking me, and don’t understand that someone like isn’t going to stop writing erotic, horror and fantasy just because some sexist and small minded individuals think that pretty girls like me shouldn’t write those genres and are insistent that I should write more family friendly subjects. I disagree with that attitude whole heartedly, the same idiots that tried to steal my body of work so they could make money out of it.

These are the paintings and I am not saying they are perfect, they are just me, getting back into arts and crafts. I like the image and though I am not trained or know a lot about art, I do know that I am just imagination to canvas or paper.

I hope you enjoyed the images and I will upload more to this as I go. My next project in crafting clay and will be doing decorative masks. I also had a revamp of the cover for The Ancient Ones. Dreams2Media having done a fantastic job. You can find some of their designs and covers as well as art at this link to

All images belong to Nicolajayne Taylor and are her art work.

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