A Symphony & Marriage of the Soul

Fuck You to the Thieves

Most of you know me as Nicolajayne Taylor but I have another name which I mentioned on the ‘About‘ page which is Rose-Lee Satan Constantine. From birth, I was betrothed to someone eight years, nine months and two weeks older than me. I mention the age gap, due to the importance of it to An ancient rite of Cypriot Greek Culture. I was married from the age of Four and although arranged marriages in the Greek Culture isn’t so heard of any more or at least I am unaware of it, this is in my case a real-life situation.

The condition of this rite haven’t been adhered by one half of this marriage and that is me. I haven’t had a clue about it as I grew up, had a life and forgot about it. It has led to this year is a complete meltdown due to the idiots my other half has around him and him. Mentioning this and who because I am sick of the constant harassment into keeping quiet, about it thus the fact that I will not name because of bad circumstances.  Because he is a well-known person to the UK, I am leaning on the air of caution due to he and his companions who have been scheming about making a lot of money out of me, him and an ancient rite that shouldn’t even be a conversation between anyone bar me and him, and official family.


This also includes something exceedingly weird between us called a Symphony and although I don’t understand it all that much and neither does he, he wants to talk about it and claim he has this with another person and the thing about that is, there is only one person who you can have this with. It is a rarety between me and that person and so-called experts don’t really know how to deal with it because most things they have advised have either been ignored by my other half or gone wrong.

The different things this includes:

A Sacred Vow, this explains it regardless of where the information came from.




Electronic Magnetic Connection

Sensory Connection Physically and that of the Psyche

Shared Consciousness


This may all read like a far fetched hippy-dippy madness but I can assure you I thought that I was going loopy- wack-a-doodle mentally, emotionally and physically for most of my life until the last few months. A gradual tip over that has been a rush over the edge into solid reality. When all the hassle I have had this year turned out to be down to this symphony and there is another element to it called synergy, an exchange of energy regardless of distance, time or space or locale, adding to ick factor in all this and if this stuff happened to someone else and I was reading this article, I would be clicking off immediately. However, read onwards and fasten those seatbelts.

It all has something to do with http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1978JRASC..72…65M

From a historical point of view, it is from Pagan times from which the ancient rite between me and my husband has sprung from and it is about uniting families, regalia and a new age called Aquilla which this planet is either doomed or saved as an era if it saved, it is about balance.

Scientific communities will shun some of this but even they have to acknowledge the phenomenon that has happened out there in space and on our own planet.

There is a particular age gap between me and my husband that adds up to twenty – it is important to the age of Aquilla which is an era of twenty-twenty, balance and seeing as the eyes and the other senses are in 20% 20% and the mind fills in the other 30%, the brain is the processor from which the body and mind needs for motor function. The Symphony is the best example I have that demonstrates this.

Constellation Eras of:






All relating to sight, sound, touch, smell and psyche meaning and this is both the inner-senses and outer senses.

The Symphony part of it that can be called the soul/spirit, emotions and mental amalgamation of all these elements. The physical, body and chemistry are elements linking to the Synergy side of it and that is also a serendipity of mental, emotional and energy with to the psyche side of it.

All this is a symphony, it is a Lexicon: Word of God so to speak.



Twelve hours of daylight

Twelve hours of the night

Four Hours of Dawn and Twilight

Daydreams and our Night dreams

As stated in my intro, these relate to the perchance areas

These elements relate to the different points of a Symphony between two people, talking from a scientific and philosophical aspect. This is my working theory having only discovered who I have that with and that it is a real thing, good job I am into my quantum physics!

The mind is the last undiscovered area of human occupation and psychology only accounts for behaviouralism and not preconceptions thought. The personality which is made up of temperament, attitude, emotions, memory and in my theory… the very thing that holds our atoms together.  I implore anyone who has lost a limb to run a weak magnet over where you are limbless and I can guarantee you will feel something.

My interest in the Quantum World harks back decades and my interest in the occult has been mainly cautiously and with major cynicism as being cynical is a superpower of mine always and hardened through the years.

The inner perspective of our outer senses is made up of consciousness, imagination, malevolence and benevolence. RNA vs DNA, Jeneva vs Jehova and Physica vs Psyche, I hope people get the gist of what I am getting out with this.

Those of you who follow Rupert Sheldrake, Elon Musk, Graham Hancock or Anthony Peake will know about Morphic Field Theory, Gaia and Spiritual Awakenings as well as the advances in technology at an extremely fast pace at the moment.

Nicolajayne Taylor

There are many other people from the scientific community who know that the Quantum world isn’t understood by most and has a different definition when it comes to stellar eras, Pysche and various different plasmas and in my theory, there are uses that could be for cures, more advanced technologies and our understanding of the multi-verse beyond our wildest dreams such as my theory for Thermal Dams using Freshwater and Sea Water and generate a lot of energy. Another of my theories is for the use of Corals that could be used for various applications, mixing with metals, plants and rocks. Corals can also be used for biological improvements and, reefs could also be preserved by using carbon – Charcol.


Now for the testers, you can do at home for yourself.

If you are aware of that inner voice inside your mind, it doesn’t belong to you and it isn’t the dead, angels or any such thing, try and ask that inner voice for its name, get to know it and converse with it, that my friends is your other half, it is your soul mate and location.


In my own circumstances, me and my husband have a mind, body and spiritual union, and this is how he’d term it, however, I say mental, physical and emotional. The synergy which can be known as a symphony cannot be transferred to another couple, unfortunately, and the two of us are locked into this whether we like it or not. I for one isn’t fond of it and though he says he doesn’t want this symphony, he won’t help me find a way of managing it so it doesn’t make our lives, separate lives a living hell.


More correctly, my life a living Nightmare. He doesn’t take my feelings about it into account, we were separated by our families due to trouble makers, misunderstanding and culture clashes. It has led to a life long resentment between the two of us, and though there is a lot of love there when it is just the two of us, it breaks down when others are involved whether that be a relationship, friend, colleague or relation. They annoy our relationship and we take it out on each other when we shouldn’t and should tell others to mind their own.


It is a bad dream that won’t end, we can taste what each other eats or drinks, we can feel each other’s touch sensations which means, when someone is in their personal space and I become aware of it, I feel sick or annoyed and this is the horrid part – when they have sex with someone, I, unfortunately, feel it. This is much to my utter disgust and repulsion. They, on the other hand, don’t share my distaste for such things, in fact, he has used it to his satisfaction and gratification and couldn’t care less how it affects me.

Author Nicolajayne Taylor

This year and more specifically since I became more aware of it, and when he isn’t bullshitting his face off at me, himself and everyone around him, because he would like to manipulate the situation for his own gain, we are falling out over each other’s life choices and preferences.


I am posting this due to what I have had to deal with this year and pretty much that it is all linked. I am also posting this in a desperate grab for defence and deterrent to my other half and the thing that wants to claim my theories as their own.

What is worse is I had forgotten all about this it until my other half went through some mind walks as part of some bullshit therapy, without my knowledge and unearthed some hair raising experiences on my side. Due to the connection between me and that person, I was dragged into that therapy without my consent or permission. I say this to give a bit of background to this year’s situation and circumstances.

Now I am left alone to deal with this crap that my other half inflicted on me and pick up the pieces and as I always do. I am constantly reminded of my dad’s family of having Regalia ie, me. I didn’t even remember that. I have been lied to all my life and my husband and his bag of idiots are holding my details to ransom, for their own monetary gain. I am royalty, much to my surprise. Rose-Lei Satan Constantine – Nicolajayne Taylor. I am my family’s regalia and my other half has tried to steal it, and he been claiming an allowance and an inheritance from my family and his for years with no intention of ever fulfilling the conditions of that arrangement. He and the bag of arseholes he has around him have also tried stealing my books, research and a whole lot more.

Regalia to me, means history, protecting traditions and archaeology and so much more. The inherited part, I value a lot more for what good it could do like funding sciences, traditional arts, education and not what he has used it for and that is beautifying himself, funding his marketing and basically being a spoilt individual who thinks and has said that he and the idiot are so-called more deserving of it and have lied to the authorities and my dad’s family so he can carry on claiming that allowance and inheritance.  What is worse is that this has been going on for years. He has begun a ton of rumours, ramblings and interpreting various mind walks using redlight masks, meditations and seances. Scaring the living crap out of me in the process!


I will return to the better part of it and that is the logical, analytical side of it and not the personal end of as it the pits when it goes wrong.

The Synergy element is a synchronicity, the flow of energy from one person to the other. We only get one soul mate – kindred spirit and eternal partner. This usually applies to the chemistry of various substances that can be crystalised but is rarely thought about in the terms of human occupation. Gases, mixed with metallics can turn into, crystals – think precious gems and can also be synergised for various uses.

In our situation it means to start again – ie me and my husband have to breed although at the moment I cannot think of anything worse, and the family line begins again starting with our first-born.


There is worse, they wanted to fake this with someone else, the idiot and his partner are trying to pass my theories off as their own and they constantly ask people of the scientific community if they are correct or not, I do not, I come up with my own theories with my own research. Worse, my husband and the other wraith wanted to do this all on national tv, media and has tried to do so. Their agent was forging my signature or so I am told.

This has led to a major war over this symphony and…

As a person, I try to be good to others and I avoid other peoples business at all times as I am not interested in gossip, celebs, soaps or what other people are doing other than when it concerns me and disrupts what I am about trying to impose their lives on me and mine.

I prefer science, history, gaming, research and writing my books and blog of course.

This is a real-life horror story than anyone could write and maybe one day I will write about this into a book but I scatter real life into my books anyway so I am writing about it over this blog, screw it. The numpties are even taking my books the erotica part way too seriously and most of the story is researched, not by any means inspired by life, mind and experience.



As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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