The Fast and The Furious

I haven’t written a lot about me and Mr Hazel Eyes. Some have asked for photos of us together and I appreciate¬†the request, however, he isn’t into social media and the limelight, to the point I haven’t even got a photo of us together. It is okay because relationships take time and are unique to the couple because you are both individuals making room for one another in each other’s lives. Me and Hazel Eyes has a few weeks break and he wasn’t fond of my review of our relationship via this blog. My reply was ‘treat me better and you won’t get a bad review. Treat me bad and that is what you are going to get.’ Being apart of my life is being apart of everything. I am making room for him and his life so is it arrogant to expect the same in return.

Author Nicolajayne Taylor

I believe people are in our lives for a reason. Life has a funny way of putting those people who need you and you need them in a timed manner. Call it Synchronicity, and when I talk quantum physics and metaphysics with Hazel Eyes he bypasses the conversation which is fine because I don’t expect everyone to follow it or get to grips with it. I have enough experience to let people be who they are.

This is the first blog of the year 2018 and it is short but sweet. I am happy, and it feels like a long time since I have been this way. I hope that this year, all my darklings have a good year and let go of all the past because as much as we would want to, you can’t.


I still don’t what is in store for me and Mr Hazel Eyes, one thing I do know is we are supposed to be apart of each others’ lives. I am happy for him to be in my life and see where it goes. It is the first time I have considered having a future with another. Not sure if he is on the same page but the fact I consider him during my day is a big deal to me.


It is so easy to get caught up, make thing too fast and furious. I am thankful that the person I am with is as unsure of me as I am of him. We are looking at this as a new and it is scary as hell but worth it for the laughs and the moments we have. Don’t underestimate anything. Then again, don’t rush into anything either. Look after yourself and be safe. The person you are with is human too, they have a life before and when and still, even though you are apart of it. I wish I had images of me and Hazel Eyes to go with this blog post but I don’t,¬†sorry.

All my love, darklings.

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