Recipe Grilled Steak – Salad


Grilled Steak

Sugar Snaps

Salad Potatoes

Mixed Salad Leafs

Cream Cheese

For the steak which is a good source of iron, protein and sugars. So are lots of salad leaves, rocket, spinach and lettuce. Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates. Lots of herbs have medicinal benefits when mixed in with your salad, dressings and garnishes.

Herbs I use on a regular basis are:





Growing your own herbs will encourage you to eat more of these wonderful plants for the health benefit.

I also season with spices and the dressing I have used for the steak is whole grain mustard, salt and pepper. I grill or fry steak and use olive oil or butter, usually a combination. I tend to cook it medium rare as not to cook out the major benefits of eating steak.

Many cultures including Hindu tend to eat meat and drink milk for the protein content and mainly for children, nursing mothers and elders. Many vegetarian cultures still need proteins and can substitute meats with various fungi.

Eating homecooked food is good for mental health as the herbs and various spices help the body but also mind function and the process of cooking has a benefit to those who suffer from mental health. Being creative in the kitchen is a good way of relieving frustrations, helping to focus the mind on the task at hand.

Adding music into the mix and whether you drink wine or not, making alcohol free cocktails or your own fruit juices can add to your health of mental, physical and emotional well being of even the most dysfunctional of lifestyles.

As always my Darklings, Take care


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