Essay – Psychology & Carl Jung

Carl Jung


References YouTube Heart of the Matter

The Undiscovered Self C. G. Jung 



What is Carl Jung’s contribution to science?

As an author of fiction, I research many different subjects and none have captured my attention like Carl Jung. 

His ideas about dream theories, Synchronicity, which is a term coined by him, and philosophy are current in today’s society. 

I will open this presentation with a quote I noted for the book I am working on at the moment, which I had before even signing up for this course. I think it tells you a lot about this Psychologist. 

‘Not nature, but ‘genius of mankind,’ has knotted the hangman’s noose with which it can be executed itself at any moment.’ 


Carl Jung, in my opinion, is one of the most important and interesting people in our time today although he was born in 1875 and died in 1961 in Switzerland. 

Psychology and quantum physics are now in an interesting relationship while they try to work out, who is ‘I’? 


Carl Young was most notably concerned with what many scientists call sudo science, dreams, coincidence and he coined the term Synchronicity. He was interested in the psyche: Telepathy, remote viewing and various other subjects and experiments to do with the mind. 

He was a fan of Freud. The two of them were interested in the unconscious mind. He was an active member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society. He disagreed with Freud over his theories and I think this is what set Jung aside and gave him in some respects more credibility. His theories even tied in with Erikson. 

Jung theorised that the ego was the part of the mind that is conscious: The thinking, recall of memories, all the emotions a person has and knows about and is the part that is our identity and is continuous. The unconscious part is memories that are lost temporarily and repressed. His theories in the norm tied very much into Freud’s theories. 

More than this is his theory on synchronicities. His Archetype theory to me is very important since the discovery of internet error code found in the building blocks of life in the world of quantum physics. Believing that symbols from different groups of people and cultures appear similar and he assumed these came from archetypes from one pool of consciousness that is shared by the whole human race. Human’s history, as in ancient origins became the beginning of that whole human psyche.  His four focuses were:

  • Persona: The person we are to the outward world
  • Anima: Is the other gender to ourselves. If we are born female, we have male traits or behaviours. If male, they also have traits of the opposite sex. All humans carry both masculine and feminine qualities.
  • Shadow: Is your primal instinct, the part of your personality that is still an animal.
  • Self: Is a self of oneness.


“Jung’s theory in his book The Undiscovered Self was of the opinion a lot of problems today’s life are “man’s progressive alienation from his instinctual foundation”.


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