Recipe – Cheese & Onion Filo Bake


A block of Lancashire cheese

Two Onions

One Potatoe

Salt & Pepper

Onion & Celery Powder

Grate all ingredients

Side Salad, Mixed Leaves

Green Beans



Ready to Roll Filo Pastry

Dressing Butter, Chives, Whole Grain Mustard, Salt & Pepper

I love salad, mixed leaves regardless of the season although I do advocate trying to eating seasonally. In the autumn which we are in now, I like soups and pastries although this year, I haven’t had the chance to do my pastries. In the winter, I tend to cook broths, meats and roast the veg more than I would in any other season. Leaning towards Spring, I cook lamb, fish and use micro-veg and herbs. During the summer, if possible I cook salads of all kinds, rice dishes and eastern cook such as stir-fry.


In my pantry, there is always a wide range of herbs and spices, oils, purees and season mixes that I concoct myself. Many spices and herbs have numerous health benefits and if you click the links on my pages it will save you a google search to what I am talking about as those links are mainly to google and other blogs where the information is about the benefits to health, and well being.


There is little to lose as following your instincts and letting your creativity flow or your analytical side take over. So whether you want precision or fusion, you can find some way of making food work for you in the process of cooking, throwing colours together in which case keep the seasoning simple. If you are going for fusion, then finding spice with herbs combos and making batches of the herb & spice mix to use on different meats, fish and veg for the best taste and never put too much in, you cannot take it out but adding a little at a time can adjust the taste and maybe leave whatever you are cooking to simmer, roast or fry for two-five minutes before tasting.

Amazon Pantry is a great source of produce and food products from around the world, I order Greek Olive oil, Rose or Black Cherry Compot, I order seasonings and coffee too. Things that you cannot get here in the UK or are hard to get hold of if you don’t live in London.


As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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