High Functioning Autism

All my life I have suffered from an assault of the senses and being overwhelmed from the world around me. Too many people, I recoil, too many noises I get anxiety and too much of any sensation such as touch, smell, sight or sound and I am ready for running for the hills. I am very high functioning with many skills, abilities and talents. I find dealing with these to be an everyday struggle. https://enablingdevices.com/blog/benefits-sensory-rooms-special-needs/


I find it hard to deal with emotions, especially when I am of a very lateral and logical mind. I find it difficult to distinguish between different physical sensations and mentally it is draining to be able to think on numerous levels, while multi-tasking has a whole different meaning for someone like me who can listen to the tv, write this blog, research and navigate different tabs, be thinking of two novels that I am currently working on as well as considering the world around me and my life. I find it very hard to relax even when I am on my own, I cannot focus at times and spend an amount of time writing my books in my mind before typing them up. Amazon has a wide and great variety of products to help and aid with these sensory processing problems.

I am in a relationship with someone who isn’t very considerate to my condition or my past traumas of child abuse, battery and neglects. As an adult, I have been treated badly by family, so-called friends and have suffered at the hands of a couple of partners in various guises.

In my current long-distance relationships, even with someone who knows me very well, it isn’t the answer to my sensory processing problems, their constant nagging and telling me what to do, controlling manner for which I cannot escape has had a major impact on my mental health, including un-earthing some of my childhood memories I would have rather not have remembered.

I am currently thinking of designing a sensory room in my house to help me with this.


As was betrothed to someone from the moment I was born and separated from them right after the ceremony at the age four, this has had a major downside for me and that person in the sense of communicating. We spend a horrible amount of time arguing, me ranting and him, misunderstanding. This has had a detrimental effect on my life this year as I am trying to get in touch with my paternal side of my family as a Morton. My original name is Rosa-Lee Morton. My name was changed when my dad Iain Morton was told I had died or was prohibited from seeing me, the details go a miss as I am still trying to get in touch with those people on my dad’s side of the family and about my betrothal to someone that I am supposed to be married too but due to a connection to royalty he has decided to claim the regalia for his self and do his utmost to claim some else as me as part of his marketing is a public figure and he cannot claim his royal status without me. Welcome to the dysfunctional existence that is my life. https://www.autism.org.uk/about/what-is/research.aspx

The essential oil diffuser I use Amazon and the essential oils





I am trying very hard to get my life together after a traumatic and terrorising year. This year has been the worst for my sensory processing condition which is on the autistic spectrum. So much so that I have those oil diffusers to help me relax my sense of smell, I have a white noise app to help relax my sense of sound and I have yet to find something to relaxes my sense of sight and touch. I will update this blog to share what works for me and what doesn’t. I learn as I go and seeing as there is plenty of research on this matter and my condition, there is little to no help here in the United Kingdom for adults getting diagnosed with this condition. https://enablingdevices.com/product-category/sensory/

I am going to be testing fibre optical lights and using them with my diffuser to see if this helps me. Mini-Fiber-Optic-Butterfly-LED-Color-Changing-Effects

I have started the process of official diagnoses, as my GP has agreed to look into this and informed me that it is a difficult process. I hope to gain access to the important research and be able to share it with my Darklings in the hope of helping others who suffer with this because it is a very solitary health condition.

Take care, My Darklings.


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