Blackburn Past


Is a fantastic group of Facebook that has been very helpful with a research project that I am working on for a local Cafe looking for footage and accounts of Mee Mawing. A type of sign language, body language and lip miming localised to cotton mill workers in Lancashire, Blackburn and surrounding areas. This is a link to the Facebook group.

Special Thanks to

Colin Pritt

John Preston

Will King

Dawn Waller

Dennis Nellany

John Chamley

Jeanne Southworth

June Henshaw

John M Hill

Pauline Tattersall

Phil Ainsworth

Rita Houldsworth

All of whom helped me with my ongoing research. Thank you for your suggestions, input and personal accounts. It is very much appreciated.

I was treated to links featuring Les Dawson and Normal Evans, comedians in the 50s, 60s and 70s. I was also informed and had personal accounts of this language. The more I learn the more I become interested. Here is a link to Mee Maws Cafe under the old Cotton Exchange. This place is now used for the Heritage Festive, Art installations and the cafe is underneath. Link for the festival is here

I love how Blackburn has changed over the years from the white tiled, art deco shopping centre and market to a modern bustling town, growing and worthy of City Status. This town has been good to me. My grandparents were born and grew up here. So did my Mother and Uncles. I grew up in Southport, Merseyside but I have spent a lot of my time between there and here in Blackburn. It is my home now as I live in Cherry Tree and hope to, through my blog showcase Blackburn as an up and coming new City.


When I had a meeting at Mee Maw’s cafe, I was treated to seeing the low vaulted ceilings in the cafe¬†and in the kitchen. I asked about ghost stories, being a horror author. You know, one must try. Anyhow, the owner wasn’t so forthcoming. Maybe he doesn’t want to upset the ghosts but I can’t believe a building of that age isn’t haunted. I am on the hunt now, for stories of this nature. The building has been everything from a bar, cinema and more. The old gothic¬†style front and above ground is beautiful and one can see why it is protected and more needs to be done with this building to ensure it is up keet and in still in use for years to come.









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