Recipe – Gnocchi in Tomato Sauce


To make the gnocchi you will need a mashed potato, flour and egg. Making these dumplings with various flavourings is one of autumn and winter seasonal favourites. These are plain dumplings and the taste comes from the sauce.

Can of chopped tomatoes

Sliced Onion

Tomato Puree

Celery chopped

Chilli Seeds

Salt & Pepper


Veg stock




This is a Meditteranean spicy sauce that has a warming sensation. The taste of winter, calls for recipes to warm, healthy and spicy food promotes both aspects. These recipes are also good for weight loss as most ingredients are low fat, next to no sugar and low carbs. However, carbs in the winter isn’t a bad thing, no are sugars or high-fat contents such as using butter or margarine.


I boil the gnocchi and then fry it off occasionally and in this case, I have boiled the dumplings and then added them to the sauce. Leaving the sauce to cool while the gnocchi boil and rise to the surface, is a good way of letting the veg in the sauce to blend. Heating up again adds to the taste and allows the dumplings to soak up the seasoning in the sauce.


As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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