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The Ancient Ones
Will they rise again to win the battle?
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Professor Peter Stevens has an idyllic life in Lancashire, England. He has a wonderful wife, a doting daughter and son and a granddaughter who he adores. He also has a deadly collection of Dybbuk boxes. He is about to find out how deadly when one of the creatures inside one of the boxes escapes and his world is turned upside down. In an attempt to stop the creatures inside the boxes from reigning chaos down on the world, he is tasked with unearthing Britain’s native gods and goddesses. He is thrust into a dark world of wanderlust and fear.

This book is by Nicolajayne Taylor and adds a new element of fantasy to her erotic horror mix. She seamlessly elevates these genres and makes them uniquely her own. Spookery, awe inspiring and steamy scenes await you in her pages. She creates a dark fantasy world within the modern age, with familiar settings that give you realistic characters and scenes.

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I had been exploring different writing techniques and styles, adding to the mixture of erotica horror and wondering if what I was doing would be good for me as an author. I added fantasy into the mix as it is one of my favourite genres next to horror and I felt it to be the most natural progression. Being a horror author who has a talent for adding erotica into my stories is one thing but to expand into a fantasy world, well I had no idea if it would work. Could I do it and it seamlessly flow from the horror into fantasy with a spicing of erotica? Amazon Link for My Other Works.


Safe to say it did work. My beta readers, my editor and publisher have loved this book. Some have said it is my best work to date which makes me smile with the same glee as a child at Christmas meeting Santa for the first time. I injected humour into this story, I tried a more British style of writing and I wanted my readers to love these characters and go on an experience with them. Please support my Thunderclap.

Format: Kindle Edition

A well-crafted tale of supernatural horror that creates a universe of its own, full of characters that are so well formed that they drive this story with an unequivocal appeal. The twists and turns are so expertly entwined into the fabric of this story that you will never know how it will play out. I am by no means a quick read, I’m also a fussy reader, but this book had me hooked from the first chapter, and I found that those subsequent chapters just flew by without even realising it. If you have been a reader of Enjay Taylor’s books then ‘The Ancient Ones’ will not disappoint. If you are new to her work, then what better place to start than here. 5 blood stained stars.
five-stars-quality-product-illustration-30594258stars Disturbing yet delightfully intriguing. 14 July 2017
By Brian P. Lane – Published on
Format: Kindle Edition

I received an unedited e copy of this story from the author for review purposes.

Here is a brief overview of a rather complex and sometimes very sexy, and more often than not, disturbing story. And I mean disturbing in so many ways: the treatment of man against man and woman; mankind against Earth; man against the forces they only think they know; man against the “gods” they no longer believe yet seek when things go awry; these “gods” against themselves, which directly do affect man.

Here are a few details as you delve into this story.

1) The author has a unique way with words, albeit the English way, but still damn good.
2) The main characters, as well as many of the secondary characters, are defined and believable.
3) The plot is well thought out to the point you, the reader, will know the author did a lot of research which must have included ancient history, the meanings and actions of “the ancient ones”, the beliefs and practices of old concerning man and their reverence for “the ancient ones”, and I would hope the sexy parts came from first-hand knowledge of the author’s life.
4) And you will never know for which way this story is going to go.
5) Plus, there are also some quite humorous parts to this story as well.

In closing, there were times I found this story uncomfortable. Not for its horror, or sex, but for its vividness, its realism, and its based on today’s life.

This is not a story you want to miss. I give it a 5-star rating for all of the above reasons, plus one, I loved it.


There is nothing more satisfying as an author than getting those early reviews for a body of work that you, yourself love and want others to love. The Ancient Ones has so many twists and turns, shake-ups and main characters that I thought at one point I was going to have to cull a few. Then I remembered this was a series of books to make up a collection called The Gigas Guardians. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

This image features the old cover for this release from 2017 and although the contents of the book hasn’t changed, my cover has. Hope you enjoy the story so far and looking forward to the next installment titled Queen of the Druids.


These will be stand-alone books that all interact with one another but at the same time, you could read them in any order. The Ancient Ones was supposed to be a one-off but one of my beta’s, Mr Brain Lane expressed a desire to read more about the deities within the pages. This was the only excuse I needed to pick up those characters again and start work on the first of the gods and goddesses, Druantia’s tale, Queen of the Druids. For more detailed updates about my future releases go to my social media or follow this page and blog.

At this point, I am doing everything and anything to make sure the whole world knows about this book. Read, Review and Share.

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care


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