Perception, Supernatural and Paranormal perspectives in Science

As someone who is creative, and analytical, I have a vast array of interest. In my books, I cover history, the supernatural and paranormal. I have a long interest in these areas and prefer the more science end of the quantum world and that of consciousness. We think of our lives as the centre of everything, why wouldn’t you. When we take a look deeper, we can observe phenomena with our senses.

Our perception of spirituality, connectivity, society and the universe as separate things, I have watched many a lecture and documentary about Gaia, history, the universe, sociology and culture as well as those that are unorthodox and more agnostic and science and anthropologically orientated towards explaining life, love and the world around us. 

We know there is more to life and reality than the conventional definitions spelt out by media, religion and mainstream science. Our inner minds belong to someone else, another living person. Telepathy exists try it for yourself… the internet and telephones, postal services and messengers such as Skype, Whatsapp and other social media apps only imitate it. Gaia looked into the natural abilities we as humans have, the minerals, metallics, quartz and biological and chemical reactions within our own bodies gives us the abilities far beyond our imagination.

With a time in which COVID-19 has taken place and a lot of people are sick, dying or dead. It is a comfort to know that we live onward and can communicate. We can ask within our minds and see what answer you get to profound questions. Let a voice speak through your own voice box and don’t be afraid when the voice sounds male when speaking through a female and the opposite, these are not demons or ghosts they are spiritual messengers or your past loved ones or higher up the ladder of being. This may sound far fetched but unplugging from technology, suffering with autism and sensory processing disorder, I have tried these things out for myself and it works, people communicate.

Be careful not to get offended or scared, be careful of forcing your views on others. I am saying what I have found to be true, I am not saying it is a must-do. Most of the time check with certain details that only a family or a friend would know. Follow social convention such as manners, respect and consideration. I know it can be upsetting when a loved one has died however, take solace in the reply if you get one. 


Anyhow, for more about this interest very soon.

For Now, Take Care, My Darklings.

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