Recipe – Duck Spring Rolls & BBQ Sauce


Ready to Roll Pastry – Filo

Finely Slice:





Bamboo shoots

Bean Sprouts


and Duck

Roast or Pan Fry the duck, in Chinese five-Spice, Soy, Ginger, Salt & Pepper, usually white pepper. Finely slice into strips. I fry off the veg with soy sauce and the Chinese five-spice. Leave to go cold and when cold, roll in filo and shallow fry.

I love cooking Chinese food as it is healthy and is full of vitamins and these recipes have a long history in a fertile land that has clean soil or did but thanks to pollution and acid rain caused by all nations, we have a spoiled planet. These ingredients are easy to grow at home and the seeds and pots, and compost are available on amazon. I grow herbs at the moments, such as parsley, basil, oregano, mint, thyme and rosemary. My next windowsill garden addition is spices, also available on amazon.

Eastern Spice and Veg are easily grown and though some are from hotter climates than we have here in the West and in the UK, it doesn’t mean you cannot grow it on your windows cill like I do.

I used the residue cooking of the duck and veg for the BBQ sauce as a reduction, add brown sugar and if the sauce does NOT thicken, add cornflour.

Another Stir Fry Recipe from another blog.

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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