Recipe – Prawn Stir Fry in Szechuan Sauce


Schezwan Sauce I make my own but you can buy it in ready-made packs.

To make your own, Leave the Szechuan peppercorns in some hot water for a few hours.

Using that water later when you need to add it to the marinade.

Soy, brown sugar, Chinese Five Spice and chilli seeds. I mix these ingredients with whatever meat, fish or seafood with the water I used to make a Szechuan Peppercorn stock. I later use the liquor to add into to the stirfrying of the veg and meat. I also add salt & pepper during cooking. Adding cornflour to the stock after extracting the marinaded meat, fish or seafood will help thicken the sauce.


Stir-fried veg keeps the health benefits and crunch. I love sugar snap peas and seafood so this recipe keeps two of my favourite foods, the other fave is Chinese food and my all-time fave spice is Szechuan Peppercorns.


Most ingredients can be found at your local market, supermarket or Amazon Pantry!

Stir Fry Veg




Baby Sweet Corn

Sugar Snaps Peas

Spring Onion

And for the other addition is Prawns.

Sensible attire

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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