Recipe – Gragnano Stewed Pork & Salad


Gragnano is a type of pasta and for those who don’t want a lot of wheat or carbohydrates and want an alternative to rice, this ingredient is versatile and can thicken sauces, be fried with onions for a crunchie garnish.

I have used this in a stew with some leftover roast pork, mushrooms, onions, carrot and mixed peppers. I have a mixture of spices such as paprika, salt, pepper, Chinese five-spice. I used tomato puree and a chicken stock cube and you can also see my prized or one of my prized ingredients Aromat Seasonings which has enhancers such as onion, celery and garlic powder. I use the fresh ingredients and add the Aromat as you would salt & pepper.

Pasta has had a bad rep due to people shying away from wheat and carbs, but I’d like to point out that a balanced diet is everything in moderation unless you have a serious allergy. Many kinds of pasta have been around historically for a very long time. They can be eaten warm or cold, with or without a sauce and if with a sauce, it can be used to thicken the broth. There are also many who need their immune systems boosting and this can be done via nutrition. Certain health conditions like Hepatitis attack immune systems and a healthy diet that helps body organs


I remember from my childhood, Gragnano being used in Minestrone or a Greek equivalent. This pasta is shaped like rice and there for a smaller portion can be used for the weight conscientious. Carbs retain water in the body, make your limbs swell and can give you a distorted impression of carrying more weight than you have when you are just retaining fluid, this is bad for many reasons and anti-inflammatory drugs or foods, can help shift that unwanted fluid. We need a balanced diet to stop the need for pharmaceuticals.


I personally try to heal whatever is wrong with me with foods, ingredients and teas. Stews, broths and soups are a good way or keeping all the nutrition from vegetables and meats, seasonings and are easy frozen or refrigerated. I recommend into an ice cube tray and that way you have a mug worth or soup or stew whenever and defrost via hot water from a kettle like you were making a brew.


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