Health, Wealth and Happyness

Family photo
My Mum Toni Gaynor, My Nan Brenda Taylor and Me Nicolajayne Taylor.

This week I want to talk about health. I have had some rather severe problems over the past three years. I have had mental health issues all my life and back problems for over ten years.

When I lost my mother, it came as a massive shock. People don’t realise that shock can trigger and exasperate health problems. I have bipolar. It was manageable before my mother died but since a mental breakdown in the weeks that followed made my already a hard problem turn into a trauma all on its own. I was plagued by nightmares, the slightest noise would wake me up with a start. I would jump out of bed because before my mother died, she’d had a stroke which left her with very bad mobility issues and part paralysis. She would fall over on a regular basis so I would listen for her going to the toilet at night and various other things. The consequence of this was the pattern of my own behaviour, long after her death.

Another issue I had was drinking. When my mother began dependent it was very difficult to see a once very intelligent, very independent and very stubborn woman become at the mercy of her carers, me, my brother and her partner. Three grown adults couldn’t cope with the amount of care she needed. My nan and my mother were nurses. My mother’s partner worked in a hospital for thirty years and my brother had done first aid. It was an endless nightmare. What started as a glass or two of red wine so I could unwind, quickly turned to three or four and then the whole bottle. Before I knew it I was drinking a bottle a day and didn’t care what damage I was doing.

Family Photo
My mum, Toni Gaynor, My brother Daniel Gaynor and me, Nicolajayne Taylor

My physical health worsened. After coming home from the hospital that fateful night, I threw myself on the couch and sobbed my heart out. It was breaking and it is the most horrendous pain. My mum was my best friend and we rowed, but we also laughed a lot. Life as I knew it was shattered. I didn’t move from the couch for six months bar to get a bottle of wine and my cigarettes. I wrote The Curse of Mary during that time and though I turned my darkest hour into a positive, it still left me with a problem. My back pain has been manageable prior to this time of my life but since I failed to move around on a regular basis, drank vasts amount of red wine and very rarely went outside, it caused the issue to become an ongoing battle of pain management.

Three years on and the further away I have got from that time, I drink normally and not to excess. Through medication, I sleep most nights. I am having to have injections and physio therapy on my back as that damage is irreversible.

I always cook homemade fresh food. I don’t even junk and never have. Every now and then I will get a take out but it is rare. You can cook yourself better by learning what food types do what. I have a vitamin¬†D deficiency and that is due to the lack of sun, vasts about of red wine and the Lumbar Facet issue in my back. I now cook a lot of spinach and make sure I have fish once or twice a week. I also have fruit and a great source of Vitamin D are mushrooms. If you leave some out on your windowsill for most of the day they will absorb the sun and when you cook them that is released into your meal. Little things can work wonders for you if you care to do the research.

I am a trained chef and my motivation for training in this craft was to find out the nutrition value to food groups so I could help my mother. Peppers are good for your heart. Tumeric is fantastic for bone problems such as arthritis. Ginger is one of those superfoods that are good for numerous issues but more digestion and stomach problems. Garlic and honey are natural antibiotics and antioxidants. Adding on or two of these ingredients will help you a lot. I am going to begin a recipe section on this blog soon. Be sure to check it out and learn how to cook yourself healthy.

My next phase of trying to get myself in good health, lose weight and have a better state of mind is wellness and mindfulness. I key to a happy mind and a better body will come in the form of yoga and meditation.


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