Recipe – Chicken Satay


I like to go on a journey with my recipes and this one is from Thailand. Chicken Satay is one of my all-time favourites and here is my tribute to the humble peanut. We get a lot of health benefits from eating nuts and my favourites are easily peanuts and almonds, but I tend to like pistachio and walnuts are also great ways to get particular supplements into our diets Potassium is in most nuts and some fruits.

I used a very Eastern theory to my cooking, textures, balanced flavouring and colours. In my Satay, I have peanut paste, Thai Seven Spices, I use white sugar although I would use palm or muscovado sugar, I use fresh garlic and onion and coconut milk in the marinade. Then I add a selection of stir-fried veg up on cooking in the wok. Mainly mixed peppers, broccoli, carrot and cauliflower. I used chicken in this version but I like satay sauce with pork, prawns, lamb or beef. Add it to a stirfry is a good option but marinating any of these meats and cooking the leftover sauce for a dip for a skewered version of Satay is also a healthy good option, check out this recipe for an alternative.



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