Plagiarism & Art Thievery

The creative art across the board has a problem with plagiarism and theft. Agents, publishers and creatives not checking to see if the content is owned by their original authors, creators and publishers.


My own books have been subject to this as an agent scouting for my books to claim as their own, has butchered my work and without my consent and without my permission. They have tried every which way to get hold of my professional and personal data and mishandled it, even so far as blackmailing me, harassing and intimation and not in person.


They have hacked the information, using corrupt data from social media and wiretaps. They have gone out of their way to share that work touting as if they own it when they don’t. They’ve edited as if they have the right too, even being so dumb to not recognise anthologies that have multiple author’s works and mistaking it for all my work without recognising it as already published work by my publisher and their many imprints.

Beautiful Nightmares

They have leaked my personal data to chat rooms, corrupted it by mixing it in with very unsavoury data on their own data banks. They also wanted my work to publish under someone else’s name, which I would never agree to be, seeing as I am an established author.

If you are not creative or do not have the talent, don’t steal other peoples work and ideas. Do NOT tout as the owner when you do NOT have anything to do with the said author, artist or producer.

To take someone else’s hard work and talent so that other’s can make a lot of cash from a claim it as your own is a sure-fire way to piss someone or many people off. Having had a tip-off or several when those people who are trying to do that to me are yelling ‘we have forged your signature!’ and ‘we are taking the piss out of you!’ and ‘we are trying to steal your work!’ on their own wiretap and others. They are their own data and security breech, along with other people who have nothing to do with them or nothing professionally to speak of and as far as I know, they probably do that with their own clients who do know as well as those who don’t know.

The childish exploits of we are doing the dirt and because you won’t let us, thus you are the dickhead, is mind-numbingly ignorant. That and getting caught out, therefore here is spite and making life difficult and here the harassment and continue to repeat the crap hoping for a different outcome, spending way to much time on all the wrong stuff. Also paying attention to themselves and each other and all the wrong things is another reason why these arrogant people are the worst of criminals.

Giving bad reviews and ripping into good quality work because of jealousy, is unacceptable as a human being never mind exceedingly unprofessional. I would name and shame but as a professional and for legal purposes I won’t. All my works have been affected by this activity and I have enclosed a copy of the legal jargon regarding plagiarism.

Here are the publishers that publish my work and other authors who have their work in these anthologies. &



Fuck You to the Thieves

Nicolajayne Taylor Logo Final

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care


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