Berlin War

Berlin War Web

Berlin is a private detective, charged with investigating a serial killer, Snape. He ends up in a tangled game of seduction, violence and who is playing who. The deeper he delves down into the rabbit hole in his pursuit of the serial killer the more danger he is in of becoming a victim. This book is written by the British horror, dark fantasy and erotica author Nicolajayne Taylor, author of The Curse of Mary, All Legends, The Chronicles of being Isisti and The Fallen Ones. You can be assured the scenes are graphic and colourful.


Mensa Mama
I love Her Voice as She Writes
Nicolajayne Taylor delivers in this shortie! Thrills chills, suspense and she delivers the heat too! I love her voice when she writes, she manages to yank the reader into the story from the get go. Five shiny stars!
As Always, My Darklings, Take Care
Nicolajayne Taylor Logo Final

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