The Rabbit Hole

As an author, I research a vast amount of subjects but none has taken me on a journey quite like my personal interest research into quantum physics and the pursuit of evidence in the life after death debate. I am a sceptical believer. I need evidence and facts, I need to know how it works and how it is possible. I so want to believe in the notion especially as it is close to my heart and after my mother died I had a few experiences of my own in a weird and wonderful if not in peculiar circumstances that made these incidents stand out and prominent. I may cover these experiences in another blog post or in future posts.

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A couple of years ago I came across a scientific theory called Life’s a Simulation (LINK) Hypothesis. I play a game called The Sims. I have enjoyed the entire series and countless expansion, stuff and game packs from The Sims 1 through to The Sim 4. Years ago, I would joke with my mum while stood in a queue that someone would remind us of a sim or situation would scream out, Sim Situation! A serious notion crossed my mind, what if we are actually sims. When you go into a room and forget what you went in there for, is this some higher being cancelling your action?

In the last couple of years, when I first learned of the theory that we may be in a simulation, I didn’t take it too seriously. I had a lot of other pursuits within science that I wanted to know like is there life after death? If so, how is it possible? What is the spirit made of? I stumbled upon a science paper (this link isn’t to the actual paper I read as I cannot for the life of me, find it) with a very hypothetical theory documenting all the different evidence, classification of a spirit’s presence and even told of the spectrum of activity. I guess it is as close as we are going to get in today’s scientific dogma that we live in a materialistic world and there is nothing more to this universe apart from matter, ignoring the Double Slit evidence that our universe is subjective and depends on an observer.


One day while playing The Sims 3, as most people know it is a system monster and lags terribly. It is a large game and with a vast amount of custom content, condensed into a merged file and yet it is still difficult to run. I had to wipe and reinstall all the game, EPs and SPs. Before this, I was playing a supernatural style game. I had four sim beings representing the four elements, Earth was a dryad and those of you who play TS3 will know you can custom colour, texture and style of anything within the game. This is particular sim had green hair with pink highlights, brown/bronze skin and her eyes were green. The clothing was CC and she was made to look pretty but very evidently not a human sim. I gave her a name having word played her name with her creature type, Dydra Leaf. So this was a totally customised, unique sim. After many hours of game play, the game crashed, the save file became corrupt and I had to wipe the game. Beginning a new game with a vanilla start up, newly reinstalled, adding back in CC bit by bit just in case it had been something I had recently installed as to why the game wouldn’t load, wouldn’t play and would just crash to desktop.


Anyhow. With the new game, playing a legacy family and at least seven generations down the family tree, I sent my young adult off to university. He had a blast, came back to mum and dad’s house to begin getting established in his career to afford a house boat. I built the whole thing and he moved in and made port at a location nearer to his place of work. I got him into fishing, snorkelling and sunbathing. He had a good life but needed a special person in his life. I had him flirt with various sims to work out if he was gay, straight or bisexual during uni, so having favoured the ladies, that was my next mission. I had Master Controller installed and it allowed for experimental sims sexuality in a way that I appreciated within my game. All was good. One sunny afternoon, I figured I would look up who my sim knew in his relationship panel. Low and behold there was a sim with an uncanny look to my elemental sim in my previous game, Dydra Leaf. Her name in this game was Derdree Loft. I studied her profile image in the panel while the game was paused for a long time as I was in shock. How could this be, the saved game I had her in was no more, it had been deleted or had it?

Anyone who knows anything about computers knows that nothing really gets deleted when hitting the button. It just lets the processor know this file is no longer needed and therefore is available space to overwrite. You can retrieve files from the last backup of the system or folder. This could explain the similar looking sim, couldn’t it?

The game shouldn’t be able to access old files that are no longer in the folder or have been deleted. I went into the game and decided that my sim needed to call Miss Derdree Loft and get her over so I could take her into create-a-sim (CAS) to get an even closer inspection of her. I couldn’t do this because the moment I clicked on her profile, my game crashed and refused to load, refused to fire up and the system blamed low memory. However, I have plenty of memory and I have a fast processor. I annoyingly scrapped the game, binned it and did a reinstall. The game still wouldn’t fire up, it was as if it knew it had done something/access something it shouldn’t have been doing and was now sulking. I gave up and went to TS4 and haven’t looked back since.

This sim Derdree Loft got my thinking back to the Life’s a Simulation theory. It got me thinking of the quantum world again… it wouldn’t leave me alone. Though I didn’t know this at the time synchronicity began shouting loudly and I passed it all off as coincidence, I will explore synchronicity in a future blog post but for now, I just want to give some foundation and backstory to what got me on this journey.

All of a sudden the theory was being talked about on Sunday Brunch. A video had appeared on my recommended list on YouTube. I saw someone’s post on Facebook about it and I hadn’t even heard of Carl Jung’s synchronicity theory at this point which has consistency and verified results from experiments and the results lead to these things being more than a coincidence. I just had an overwhelming urge to learn. I didn’t even know much about physics, never mind quantum physics but once I began, I felt my life was being enriched and enlightened. I can’t get enough.


I have come to the conclusion based on my knowledge on history, mythology, philosophy and now learning all I can about theoretical physics, that there is more to this life than we currently know. There is something strange happening to our world, the weather, the politics, the feeling of being caught up in a whirlwind of chaos is causing health problems and is making us all seek for inner peace. It isn’t hard to get one’s head around that the more we look within, the more we will see outwardly. In The Ancient Ones, I look at these topics and write them into the background of the main story. While I was writing this book, synchronicity was everywhere and still, I was unaware of the actual term and its meaning, the theories and even that other people have experienced it. I have often said that my writing is like a clairvoyance and upon reading back on what I have written even after an hour or so, it doesn’t feel I like wrote it. This blog is different, when I read back it feels totally like me who wrote this. The novels and shorts are a completely different case to blog writing and I don’t know if other authors feel this way, let me know in the comments.

It has led me down the rabbit hole and now I feel this is a road I must follow. I know so much more about the universe and this world than I ever did. I delved into The Life’s a Simulation Theory, String Theory/Multi Dimensional Theory, Neuro Science, Consciousness and now Synchronicity. I need to continue this line of research for personal interest but also as an author. I hope you will join me. The point of this is to educate, entertain and to create debate. My next post will cover String Theory.

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    1. Thank you. I have been wanting to post something on this subject for a while. I has taken a lot of planning to do this introduction to the subject that is more of a personal interest body of research. I am glad you like it.


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