Where my Career Started

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I get asked for tips, advice and how to get into being an author, writer and blogger all the time. I often turn away from telling people how to go about these things because I don’t like telling people what to do and how to do it. I also don’t like seeing myself as better than anyone else. Facebook is the better place to contact me or Twitter https://twitter.com/EnjayTaylor

I tumbled into writing out of boredom and the route I took into being an author began with being frustrated at people not wanting to read general horror. I took a very humourous and annoying approach at having to add erotica into my stories, just to see what would happen and if I’d gain more readers. As I watched the readership grow rapidly, so I decided to add it into my horror/fantasy mix. During my career as a signed author with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly, their imprint Vamptasy very seriously and began to refine that element with the mind to begin filtering it out or at the very least having the erotica element less. CHBB is the biggest independent publishing company in the US and UK.

My Email is enjayataylorbutterflyangel@gmail.com

At no point is the erotica element from real life, and it often gets mistaken for something that I fantasize about in life or draw from experience. In reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. In real life, I am very reserved, very particular and very cautious about who I have sex with, my books do not focus on genitalia and have next to no swearing.


I don’t ever practice what I write in any way shape or form. I talk to people who are, and who like to live a promiscuous lifestyle and open sex life. It isn’t for me and having suffered from being abused as a child, I reframe from a lot of it and try to distance myself from what I write. It isn’t a reflection on me as a person and more of society and the audience that just wants to read those elements rather than the whole story, the characters and the underlying morals and principles to the whole story in which my books contain, isn’t for the faint-hearted or the small-minded.


Here is a PDF of Call of the Moon, otherwise continue on to Booksiesilk.com

Call of the Moon

I began writing a novella on Booksiesilk.com, here is my profile https://www.booksiesilk.com/users/nicolajayne-taylor-6438

For other work from Vamptasy https://www.facebook.com/Vamptasy/

As Always, My Darklings, Take Care

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