Happy New Year – 2020


First I want to say that I hope all my followers had a very Merry Christmas. New years eve, a turning of the moon too. I write this and I think back over this year and what a year it has been. I have been researching family history only to discover my actual name is Rosa-Leah Satan, I am married as I was married as a child to my husband to ensure we’d be together as part of a family pact and part of regalia. I also found out I am a Cypriot Greek Princess and right around the corner to my actual father. I have discovered a lot of my writing is linked to family history. What is more, it has been hell as I have had a lot of stress and anger at the way I have been treated from various people regarding me and my husband and I have been told that he remembered the same as I did at the same time, going off very little information at the time.

This is what I wrote two years ago on my Facebook to my wonderful Darklings who are readers of my books.

Here is to Eternity, the Rose, the Heart, the Skulls and The Butterflies. All will come clear in the new year of Aquila.

In the light of the new year, I want to say this to everyone on my page. Don’t be afraid of yourself. My butterfly necklace represents everything I am and ever will be and I have ever done with no regrets. It represents all those who I miss because they are gone from this world and my life, so here is to all that are not here in this time of being with family and friends. Here is to those who have no one and are lonely and have lost everything. The festive period isn’t that for all. To all on my page, I love you all and there isn’t a person on my page that can’t send me a DM and get a reply, you are not alone and neither am I.
I write this in time for new year, so make it your year. Be you, there is nobody like you and you shouldn’t let anyone dim your light, loss, loneliness, diminished or rejected, it is life. Let go of what you cannot control and do you and no one else.
All my love
Nicolajayne Taylor

Furthermore than this, as this is the same sentiment I write to my family, friends and colleagues every year. I post this as the New Year is upon us and not just that but a new era, 2020 is a brilliant turning of the clock.

I have expanded my blog and widened the fanbase across my media as I edit and write another book. Queen of the Druids, Druatia’s Tale. This year has been a mixed bag of crap and good stuff. My work good stuff and my life, well hmm.


This is part of The Ancient Ones story.
Will they rise again to win the battle?
#Fantasy #horror #Adult #Awakening #kindleunlimited



My plans for the New Year are this:

Expand my blog

Finish my Third Novel and a hand full of short stories

Grow my social media

Write more recipes and may compose a cookbook and poetry book

Make items available in the shop area of my blog

Improve my life

Spend a lot more time with family

Continue my research


As Always, My darklings, Take Care and have a Safe and Happy 2020

Nicolajayne Taylor Logo Final

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