Recipe – Seabass with Carelmalised Veg


One or two filets of sea bass

One Lemon


Pepper & Salt

Chilli Powder

Spring Onions Roasted

Potato Mashed

Spinach Roasted

Red Onion Roasted

Olive Oil

Garlic two cloves

Sea bass is a great source of Omega Three. This recipe I made a few years ago and thought to add it to my new area while I am still getting myself together after a year of hell. I love to fish, seafood and it is healthy for the skin, brain and hair and nails. Roasting the veg as noted above is a tasty addition to the dish. I roast the veg in olive oil and one clove of garlic.

Pan-frying the fish in olive oil and butter, having marinated in turmeric, chilli powder and the other clove of garlic, the rind and juice of the lemon, leaving a quarter to sprinkle on the dish at the end. This all comes together when adding mashed potato.

I love adding wine to my food, sparkling or white wine especially riesling wine.  Different wines from different regions of the world have many benefits.

I love foods and wines from all over the world, in my blog articles there will be many links to these produces and wines. The dish I cook are mine, I hope you all enjoy.

Take Care my Darklings.






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