Hazel Eyes


Nicolajayne Taylor
Nicolajayne Taylor

This week I want to talk about, relationships. I recently met someone while I was coming back from a business meeting and I am enjoying getting to know them and spending the weekends with this person having fun. To stay up to date on a daily basis here is my Facebook link.

I am writing an updated version of this article because it has been a few months now since I met Hazel Eyes and he has become a good, solid person in my life who I enjoy spending time with. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will know how this person has made a difference in my life. As with everything in this life, things take care and time. We take things for granted all the time and I am determined not to take this person for granted.

I have spent a long time on my own, more out of not wanting someone overbearing or controlling. I can’t be bothered with that kind of thing. Hazel Eyes has the right amount of fire behind his eyes but balanced with the right amount of patience. I am loving him the more I get to know.

He has seen a few sides to my life and has taken me by surprise on how he has dealt with it. Most people would run a mile when they realise what I do for a living. Being an international bestselling author isn’t what you think and has many down sides, such as being very popular and receiving numerous invites for a romantic scenario over social media. (Never going to happen so to those horrid people sending me dick pics, stop it! No really, Stop it).

Hazel Eyes has proven his worth with every week that passes and I am looking forward to many more weekends with him. We only see each other at the weekend but at the moment that is enough, I miss him come Monday and then get on with my work, by Friday I am missing him again. I am not sure how he feels about me, I can only hope it mirrors what I feel for him.

I met Hazel Eyes while I was on my way back from a business meeting.  It was a very rainy day. I had got suited and booted, the meeting had gone great but on the way home I was busting for the toilet, I had knocked the heel of my boot off, good job I was in flats and it wasn’t noticeable to anyone but me. I went into a pub, the Roebuck in Rishton, Blackburn. I went to relieve myself and then realised I had some time to kill as my train would be an hour away and the station wasn’t far away. I ordered a pint of large, went out side for a cigarette and then turned. I was met by Hazel Eyes. He completely threw me for a moment. I couldn’t speak, I just stared into those eyes. When I did finally speak, he was polite and friendly.

We spent all night talking in the park and we had such a laugh. We spent the entire weekend together that first weekend and the memories still make me smile.

I will keep you updated.

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