Recipe – Salt & Pepper Squid

Chinese cooking is a favourite of mine, many ingredients changed for thousands of years and have lots of health benefits. Salt and Pepper squid rings are delicious, mine are mixed with veg, stir-fried and spicy.  16113018_10209879022425062_6984899500733187458_o

Squid either already sliced from the frozen food aisle or fresh squid, sliced into rings.


White Pepper

Szechuan Pepper

Chilli seeds dried or fresh depending on how firey you like your food

Onion powder

Garlic Powder

Flour, plain or cornflour


Onion sliced

Red chilli pepper

Fresh Garlic

Fresh Ginger

Sliced Pepper

Finely Sliced Carrot

Finely Sliced Broccoli

Shot of Soy Sauce

Shot of Vinegar Sherry or Malt is you cannot get a hold of rice vinegar.

Most Chinese dishes employ a spice, sweet, salty and crunchy ethos. Invoking the aromatics such as the Szechuan Pepper. The stirfried veg, sweetened by the soy and vinegar. Asain cook such as Chinese and Japanese is about mental, physical and emotional senses. We use all in our appetites, our sight, smell, texture and even sound such as the crunch of macerating our foods. Most broths no matter where in the world it is from has all the health benefits you could need seeing as most are vegetable-based.

A lot of far eastern cooking is healthy, when homecooked. Traditional dishes we see at takeouts and restaurants here in the west are not that traditional and only have small selection seeing as ingredients are either expensive to import or not allowed by law to trade in certain territories. We miss out on so much of worlds cuisine when people don’t travel to the places of their favourite foods and dishes. Those countries suffer economically and culturally when tourism is funnelled into historic sites and sun, sea and sand or snow, skis and ice. Tourism shouldn’t be a hardship to people who live in high tourist destinations but an asset to the locals and an education to the tourist and locals shouldn’t cater to overseas palettes.

As Always my Darklings, Take Care.

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