The Curse of Mary


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Turn back the pages of time to 15th century Britain, a dark era in history. All legends begin somewhere in truth and are distorted over the years, turned into myth. One such Legend starts with passion, love, demonic and a ritualistic sacrifice and has dire consequences for future generations of a family named Cambelle. Mystery, murder, magic and ghosts, The Curse of Mary is a seductive, terrifying colourful trip through time into the modern age. Nicolajayne Taylor really brings history to life as she rewrites a well -known legend and does spookery like no other author. This is British horror at its best.


on August 18, 2015
Wow ……. LOVED this awesome book. From start to end you are so pulled into the story. I have not read any books on Bloody Mary so this was a treat for me. horror…..freaky….and totally sexy! I highly recommend this one. Nicolajayne you did a fantastic job of telling this intriguing legend of a story…. I will definitely read more of her work.

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