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Yesterday I attended a meeting at my favourite cafe in the centre of Blackburn, near the old cotton exchange, Mee Maws on King William St. It was a very productive day and I cannot wait to share everything with you all but one thing at a time.


Mee Maw’s is fast becoming a sturdy place for the community of Blackburn within the town centre, not content with being a fantastic place to grab a brew and some cake, it has a good menu and I can hold my hand up and say their dishes taste amazing but there is always something happening at this cafe. There is always a mixed bag and interesting people and organisations.

I have been doing a research project for the owners of Mee Maws calling for people who know about a local dialect type of sign language known as Mee Mawing. Blackburn Past, the Facebook Group has been very accommodating for this and many friendly people came forward to give their memories about this subject and now the owner may have what he is looking for but if you have anything to offer in the Mee Maw department, contact the cafe, please.


While I and my meeting with a lovely lady who has been such a help to me were chatting about my dreaded business plan, a group chatted behind us and a member of the group came over and introduced her group as the Arts 2 Heal, a mental health organisation who provide folks to attend art workshops. Suffering Bi-polar myself, I instantly paid attention. The member of the group pointed out the art on the walls of the cafe, they were awesome sauce. I had been looking at them admiringly prior to this introduction. She also gave me a bookmark, handmade and painted by one of the members of the group. There was a handful spread across the table behind where I was sat.

Blackburn Cathedral

The lady pointed out who the organisation was and more about their meetings. I felt I needed to give these people a shout out. The art is amazing, their cause is commendable and the point is, more people are in need something like this when our NHS mental health services, especially in Blackburn are dismal.

My last dealings with Daisyfield, I was referred by my GP and I rang them saying it would be hard for me to get over to the building, basically it is miles away from where I live and would cost me a fortune trying to get there. Anyway, they made a home appointment with me and rang me on the morning of that appointment saying there had been an emergency and could we rearrange. I said. ‘Sure, I totally understand.’ Somebody called to make a new appointment and then another person arranged that one… leaving me high and dry. In the end, nobody showed up and then they wrote to me saying. ‘You didn’t attend your appointment, if you do not get in contact within seven days of this letter, your referral will be cancelled.’ Safe to say, I gave up.

Who has time for such a badly organised department? I don’t and have very little patience with the medical departments that deal with mental health. They have let me down, time and time again.

So a group and organisation like Arts 2 Heal is a super asset to those in Blackburn with Darwen and have mental Health problems.


Arts 2 Heal have a page on Facebook, here is the link a page on Twitter and for Google+. I for one want to do more for this group and offer writers and social media workshops. I am conducting these for people in the wider community of Blackburn with Darwen but for this group, it will be at a discount or free to those on Benefits. I will consider people on benefits even without them being part of this group. So feel free to contact me.

Art is something that most of us enjoy: music, books, drawing, painting, crafts and sculpting are just to name a few. Always, having been very creative I am skilled in several areas of arts and crafts. I have been lucky with one of my talents as a writer. I am an author, signed by US indie giant Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly, their imprints Vamptasy Publishing and Hot Ink Press. I now have my works published around the world and it is great to see people enjoying my work.

So please support this organisation or if you feel this is something you can benefit from, contact the person who runs this group, named Banu, a really nice and polite person who welcomed this blog article. I need to thank Banu for being open to me. I hope we have many more interactions across social media and in person.



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3 thoughts on “Arts 2 Heal”

  1. I am one of the ladies who took part in the exhibition from the group, Arts to Heal and want to thank you for your kind words informing people about our show and as a group together. Myself, I have come to view these wonderful ladies in Arts to Heal as my friends. We care about each other’s welfare and regularly give hugs to those who are having a bad day. We are nonjudgmental and welcome anyone. It would be nice to meet people with regard to our group, we can be found in MeeMaws on Wednesday’s during August.

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    1. You are more than welcome and I will keep sharing this blog around my media for all to see. I will continue to call in at MeeMaws and hope to see you all there. Very talented and lovely people. ❤


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