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The Ancient Ones is here

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The release event is on Facebook. Competitions, prizes and #Live #Video chats will all be part of the event. You will need your receipt for purchasing The Ancient Ones.

New Release from Nicolajayne Taylor!
The Ancient Ones
Will they rise again to win the battle?
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The Ancient Ones

Professor Peter Stevens has an idyllic life in Lancashire, England. He has a wonderful wife, a doting daughter and son and a granddaughter who he adores. He also has a deadly collection of Dybbuk boxes. He is about to find out how deadly when one of the creatures inside one of the boxes escapes and his world is turned upside down. In an attempt to stop the creatures inside the boxes from reigning chaos down on the world, he is tasked with unearthing Britain’s native gods and goddesses. He is thrust into a dark world of wanderlust and fear.

This book is by Nicolajayne Taylor and adds a new element of fantasy to her erotic horror mix. She seamlessly elevates these genres and makes them uniquely her own. Spookery, awe inspiring and steamy scenes await you in her pages. She creates a dark fantasy world within the modern age, with familiar settings that give you realistic characters and scenes.

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